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As carved on a dying maple tree. [entries|friends|calendar]
Not Sinéad

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[27 Feb 2009|08:03pm]
So, it's been a massively long time since last I updated. I got out of the habit but, ha - will try to make more of an effort. : )

In 10 months a lot has happened. University didn't, but currently I'm in love with my job and enjoying myself and I'm pretty glad of the way things have turned out.

So, a brief list of occurrences, so I can draw a line under this long period of inactivity and continue with this journal as I'd like to.

- There was summer, where in friends and I went to Bulgaria and times were so madly pleasant it was all a little unreal.
- There was some more summer, where in friends and I shared festivals and smiles. Everything ill-advised and magic.
- There were exam results. Anyway.
- Then summer ended and we divided. This sort of gradual dispersing; gap years, university, jobs.
- Suzanna and I decided to go to Sea. Sort of twice.
- First from Madeira to the Azores in yachts where in we saw disaster and drama.
- Second from the Azores back to Portsmouth in ship called Pelican. This wasn't planned but those few weeks were some of the happiest in my life. I think I fell slightly in love. Mostly with the sea.
- Oh yeah, High School Musical 3. Which was the best film I ever saw. Ever.
- I got a job - I'm working as a teaching assistant at a primary school. Year Six children. Most of them hilariously incapable. Means I get to read things like this:
Q. What features of the text tell you that it has only just been written?
Give two examples.

1. the deit the diet
2. the englich langwilg there useing.
- My new year's resolution was to Do More.
- My former school made national headlines after a facebook community was discovered by senior staff. This caused a lot of anguish and I feel stressed whenever I think of it.
- It snowed! In London! A lot!
- Last week I went to Tenerife for a week to sail again on a ship called Stavros. I met a lot of darling people and times were generally sweet.

For now I think, that's me. Update-lazy, but content.

Good evening, livejournal. : )
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[29 May 2008|10:15pm]
I have just followed an afternoon weeping with an evening eating because it's revision season and I'm trying to collate a tapestry of instability.

I looked at my revision timetable this evening and realised for the first time that I did not know what the units I am entered for meant. I lost an afternoon to finding out what exams I am taking next week. You'd think I should have been told, amirite?

For all my trawling of the OCR website, I still don't know what questions I'll be asked, what the paper will look like or if I've actually been taught as I'm meant to answer. Westminster School have some manner of romantic ideal of teaching a subject. I resent that so much right now.

Less than a week.

carminibus quaero miserarum obliuia rerum:
praemia si studio consequar ista, sat est.

May yet be alright. I'll rub my leg and think of the colour green. Obscure Derren Brown reference. I think that man is in my mind.

Whenever I turn my head, there's a very sharp and very sudden pain in a very specific place. I rather desperately need Suzi to qualify as a doctor this instant so she can tell me I'm full of tumors and I can stop fixating.

I've also been trying (as yet unsuccessfully) to open a student account with my bank. The Barclays pens read "I'm free, I'm free". When I became irritated with their bollocks I had the pleasure of asking if that was a reassurance or a taunt. It may have been an exclamatory price tag. I'm not sure I'm cut out for the money thing.

In the world of the bright and beautiful, some days these weeks have been ace. Last day of school I almost should write about. But - heh. I think about how fast things are slipping away and it makes me want to cry.

But, the booshhethaven still owns my life. Here's why : http://community.livejournal.com/booshhethaven/107827.html

: )
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[12 May 2008|05:05pm]
Hello, my beauties!

I'm new phonely. It may indeed be worse than my old one. Awesome!

Number : 07504209764


Comments screened.

(you can set your entries as being of "Explicit Adult Content"? Dude.)
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[03 May 2008|01:25am]
oh, cocks.
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[29 Apr 2008|08:25pm]
Of Services to Art this Week:

Friends and I conceived amazing conceptual art in a café yesterday. Without photographic evidence, you will have to trust me on this. There was exchanging of brightly coloured milk and a mending of the split coffee cap of the broken hearted.

But as of that day the world is changed. You'll never know it was us that did it.

The more tangible: For Maeps, who requested:


(took me this long to find.)

It's . . . Child Catcher Chris with the Shibboleth.
A remnant from the last month's Ghey times. Love you, dear ladies!

To life: for update is plausibly necessary. I split with Sean some weeks ago. I could cite an uninspiring tale of avoidance and disenchantment, but shall stick with a more entertaining version: Maestro reminded me tits are great. That's right.

Have accepted places at London universities. University College London with King's College London as insurance. So I shall be here in this glorious city three years longer. Makes it all the more significant that I am licensed to vote this Thursday.

Would be so much pleased with Ken. He's done amazing things which I cannot fault him for. Museums free, a world of more festival and carnival times and most importantly - he brought us THAT FREAKIN' ELEPHANT.

That's right, you know the one I mean. THAT FREAKIN' ELEPHANT. No matter who you are, when you come up against a man who gave our city a MECHANICAL FREAKIN' ELEPHANT, you are going to fucking lose.


Last thing: Britain's Got Talent. That show is embarrassingly entertaining, amirite?
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[05 Mar 2008|07:32pm]
in latine scribere diebus prioribus volo ut seder.

hanc tabulam publiciorem esse scio sed o amici, vos plurimi aut plurimioris facio. timeo ne verbis odi sim.

scribere coepi quod heri puer me irae inritavit. nuper infelix et inquieta eram. fortitur nihil quid fecerit sed satis erat ut arbitri incitaverit. interdum num alii dissimilior simus rogo. hominum scientiae est, hominum fidei sum. tot taciturntates sunt ut num duraturus nescio.

autem eum amo. pulcher et mirus est et fortuna sum. cum eum non vidi tum oblivisci est facile.

donc, hic meus tabellarioarcanum est. hinc non scriptor verum sensus occulus est.
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[14 Feb 2008|10:14pm]



Also, as of three hours ago, I am 18.

For most people this is the age at which they are legally allowed to do everything.

This is a confusing birthday.
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[08 Jan 2008|02:39pm]
Perhaps it is new year. Perhaps that does require update.

I'm going to vehemently avoid real life because it's a dizzying mesh of elections and exams - which are only really there to fill the void until rejection letters come through from all my universities and I can find a place on an engineering course or a ditch to die into.

Today I'm downloading some programs from last night.

Last night's TV was a heady mix of morality and idiocy. I'd primarily like to applaud whatever genius came up with this bit of scheduling :

To Catch a Predator - friends and I had gone a tad mental on the american original of late, generally with the conclusion, 'poor paedophiles'. It disagrees with me, the tactic of entrapment. Especially when, as you find in the predator stings, the decoys are so very quick to enable or instigate.

Or perhaps I'm just bitter because somewhere between my 15-year-old boyfriend, my Child Catcher Chris comics and my affection for the predators, I'm probably not endearing myself to these Chris Hansen types.

This UK edition was rather more gentle. No arrests, one or two confrontations. A decoy myspace page and some interviews about internet safety. - so far so standard.
The competing Panorama show however left out no thrills. 'IF YOUR CHILDREN USE THE INTERNET THEY WILL BE MOLESTED', it said happily. Complete as it was with horror stories and scare-mongering statistics and moderately hilarious reconstructions, I was - as ever - begging for the other side of it all.

I love you internet people. All my Gheys are very dear to me - I'm sure Panorama would not approve of my meeting you in hotel rooms, but dammit no rape has happened! Not on your part anyway.

On that note, hello there to all new editions to the f-list from the MEGABOOSH FRIENDING MEME! Apparently you're more likely to sexually assault me than not.

And I'm here to let you know I'm cool with that. : )

p.s - Briefy (because this journal doesn't want to become a rant on all broadcasting ever) did anyone else have the pleasure of tuning into Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's hard-hitting documentary about hypocrisy the grim realities of commercial chicken farming? Just saying.
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[19 Dec 2007|07:21pm]
Anecdotes of the day:

> I had my bra size measured! I was told I am a 26H and should see a specialist.

> Someone did fan art of Child Catcher Chris! That is both amusing and flattering.

Christmas party tomorrow for which I must balance the demand of buying perfect shoes with that of buying decent presents.
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[17 Dec 2007|05:24pm]
Today, school went epically mental on MUNGA, which is our Model United Nations General Assembly thing.

We cooked. Amazing foods. And ate. Lots of foods.

And debated. And this is a compiled list of the best quotes to come out of the debate on the problem of Child Refugees:

We do accept refugees, but with a frown.
-- China

Sweden is the second largest acceptor of child refugees after Scotland.
-- Sweden

Bringing it down on children that are disabled is well harsh.
-- Morocco

Who cares about child refugees?
-- Russia

You can find a lot of Chinese people in the market selling DVDs.
-- Morocco

This is to South Africa - you've just come out of apartheid and . . . your country's a mess.
-- Liberia

Sweden, if you're such a do-gooder country, why don't you accept everyone else's refugees?
-- South Africa

I'd just like to say to China . . . wow.
-- Sweden

And what does child prostitution lead to? - babies.
-- China

You guys are full of refugees.
-- Switzerland

So many of the world's problems were solved. *nods*
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[27 Nov 2007|11:13pm]
I just witnessed Noel fielding mime being raped anally with a pin by a paedophile dressed as Tufty of the Tufty club.

This happened.
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[04 Nov 2007|04:45pm]
It's been a little over a week since I came home from France. I was clearly wrong to protest quite so much over going. I had a wonderful time!

We stayed in a converted barn with a man we called Guy the Cannibal. He ate some Pakistanis once. No, really.

The house was lovely, full of log fires and wine. The location was stunning. We were surrounded by mountains and fields. And everyone was great fun. Somewhere between birthday parties, long walks and fires I found them all to be fantastic people.

Found a Boosh fan on the first night. Cock muff bumhole references were made. What are the odds!

I'm feeling deliberately uncynical about the Boosh at the moment. From months of being snide about Noel's twatishness the trailer for series three has reminded me that once upon a time I liked them because they made a very funny comedy show.

Now, my house is full of children and soon there will be fireworks. Or 'Sky Flowers' as they are called in George A. Romero's Land of the Dead. (Zombies like fireworks.)

There were epic fireworks in Victoria Park last night. Included a burning man which looked like a portrait of Chris Corner by Noel Fielding, Big Ben which became a rocket and flew away and proper amazing by the pyrotechnics team to the tune of Major Tom by David Bowie.

Sean came to watch them. Dear friends may dispute how much watching was done. We have been dating just a little over a month now. I'm all illogical and happy and quite a world away from the disastrous cynic I was not so long ago. That is, aside from the crippling insecurities and paranoia and loneliness if ever he's not right next to me. tmi? I might be looking for clarification that this is normal.

Anyway. Erin is coming over now to watch such comedy shows as The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz, Top Gear and Robin Hood. FOR THE LOL!
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[19 Oct 2007|08:53pm]
Alright, journals. On Sunday I'm off and away for a week to France . . . on a trip that I shouldn't have agreed to, to somewhere I don't want to go to, on a training week for a university I'm not applying to.

This is where we'll be:

So as you can see, I'll be in the middle of literally no where speaking a language that's been dead for two thousand years with people I don't know enough to like and don't like enough to know.

. . . *hides*

I might also have just a little bit gone wrong on Spooks. There aren't enough hours in the day for how good that show is. NO REALLY.

Anyway, something to ponder:

What would Freud think of this? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuSBCIV1zuQ
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[02 Oct 2007|04:02pm]
>> A coming out of sorts.

Fine LJ friends, I have bagged a normal.

Changed my facebook status and everything.

His name is Sean and I might mention him again and every once in a while but hopefully not to the extent that it gets annoying.

So. : )
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[21 Aug 2007|12:12am]
I just saw a man I met in a park on Crimewatch UK! He is wanted for robbery and attempted murder.


(Oh, and results happened, I went to see Elling and I might be going to Reading. Might.)
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[19 Jul 2007|08:29pm]
Alright, I'm off for a few days for an extended party with added Potter.

Feeling generally quiet about the whole thing. Not in the least worked up as I was for previous books. I'm at peace to let it end.

For added hilarity, I noted today that you can download the entire book from such respected torrent sites as isohunt and mininova. I think that's a valid alternative for all those with an 'up with this I will not put' attitude towards the £17 price tag.

Earlier in the week Brian received complete confirmation from Michelle, Ralfe Band's manager that Ralfe Band will indeed be playing our little fete on September 1st. Now they're working out sleeping arrangements to fit them in around Sham 69 and it's all getting a little bit weird.

See you all in the New Canon.
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[08 Jul 2007|12:52pm]
I have just gotten home from Wye Fayre festival. On the events of today and yesterday I have this to say,


That wasn't REAL LIFE. That was what I sometimes think might happen. Preceded with a whimsical "ooh, imagine if . . ."

Yesterday was that level of ridiculous that I'm not sure where to begin.

Here - here's a conversation that should NEVER HAVE HAPPENED:

"Oly, this is Seamus from TV's Any Dream Will Do. Seamus, this is Oly Ralfe of Ralfe Band and TV's The Mighty Boosh."

Uum, festival : small, sedated, full of melodic guitars. Loads of music. Half the population of the festival were the performers.

Ralfe Band were brilliant as ever. Took Seamus to see them (WHAT?) and he enjoyed too.

Their new album is to be finished soon, they're living on a farm at the moment completing it. Much hilarity over the naming of the album - I think they may genuinely have taken to my suggestion of naming it after the next viagra company to advertise on the RB forum. NO REALLY.

We spent the most of the night with Oly and his friends. Including Mister Anthony Elvin who was playing. Ah Suzi and I inherited for most of the evening Oly's drunken friend who really wanted to dance.

There was stargazing and whiskey and dancing in fairy-light infested beer tents. Then when at about 1 o'clock we all headed back to our tents we found that quite by chance Oly and his group had camped right next to us.

Which meant no squeeing was allowed in the tent. We had morning coffee together outside the Bimble inn. Including discussion of the morbid side of farm life and a particular photo on Oly's phone of Mitchell drunk and wrapped in clingfilm.

. . . then we left.
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[27 Jun 2007|06:19am]
Just a quick post out of fear that no one else will mention it.

I was hoping to go to Whitehall today to see him out. Instead I am off to Oxford which promises to be equally lovely.
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[08 Jun 2007|04:04pm]
I finished my exams on Tuesday. And have been sitting at home mostly since.

Which I think is fine . . .
I did these:

I call this one 'How it should be':

I call this one 'How it is in RL':

I call this one 'Chris looks forward to his next meal':

I call this one 'What the Wychwood gig was like':

I call this one 'How Oly looked':

It is the finale of Any Dream Will Do tomorrow.

I did this five weeks ago. Originaly drawn without any intent and not altered it since - from the right going left, they are lined up in the exact order they left week by week.


Alright, at some point I should do something useful.
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[04 Jun 2007|06:24pm]

I am HOME from mental exploits in a little field in Cheltenham.

Wychwood festival - was ace last year. Went last year on the strength of the Ralfe Band playing and returned . . . yes, on the strength of the Ralfe Band playing.

Then Julian Barratt turned up and the world went a tad wrongCollapse )

I might mention that otherwise the festival was made of win.

EDIT : Photos uploaded
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