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10 July
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My name is MELISSA
I'm 21, ill be 22 in JULY.
I am a leasing consultant at woodlee terrace apartments.

I have a gorgeous little boy named Chase Anthony.
He is the light of my life. He really is the gorgeous little boy I've veer seen.
He was born december 29, 2005.

Im dating the most amazing man ever, David.
We've been together for 3 years, our anniversary is December 23rd.
We have been living together since June of 05.
We moved out into our own place in October of 06 and couldn't be happier.

I have an amazing best friend. Her name is Amber Jordan.
We have been best friends since 2003 =] She really is my back bone.
She is the person I can count on for anything.
This pretty much sums it up.

oh oh && this one.

I sent this one to her back on feb.3rd and it is SO true.
VA && SC = best forever where ever friends <3

** We just added a new addition to the family. GRAYSON COLE BARB, born 2.6.08 8lbs 1oz 19 in long. She is amazing =] **