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Les morceaux de moi [entries|friends|calendar]

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AH! [28 Jul 2004|12:32am]
[ mood | curious ]

i was almost done w. my entry until my butthole computer restarted on me, so im just going to skim over what went down the past week..

01 arrived in san francisco
02 lunch @ thai restaurant, food = not too good
03 rented SATC season 6 pt 1 & girl w. a pearl earring

01 shopping downtown
- san francisco shopping center = got a few things from the sanrio store + american eagle
- urban outfitters = shirt + paper stuff for my drawers, gifts for a few friends
02 drove around for a little, got lost
03 shopping w. my sister jackie on haight street, didnt find anything
04 dinner at cha cha cha's = carribean/mexican restaurant, got extremely full

01 plane to vegas + got picked up by jackie's bff bridget
02 lunch at the bellagio = amazing desserts!
03 rode big shot @ the stratosphere
04 shopping at fashion show mall = bought denim jacket from hollister + yummy godiva chocolate, a fashion show actually went on
05 saw righteous brother(s) bill medley @ the orleans = nice. at dinner afterwards & ate a lot again
06 venetian = got there too late to ride the gondola :(

01 woke early to tan outside
02 plane back to san fran
03 dinner @ 'americas oldest italian restaurant' = amazing food

01 brunch at a very cute spot. amazing french toast!
02 santa cruz for the day = not hot, hard to find parking space, sun not strong :/ but it was nice to see the pacific ocean for the first time!
03 did 'abs yoga' video then watched SATC

01 brunch at some place owned by the mayor = VERY HOTT waiter, might have been gay but it was very enjoyable staring at him!
02 looked at a few shops.. i ended up buying jeans from *gasp* armani exchange.. at least they fit well
03 napa for the day, went to a spa = went in the steam room & sauna then showered, had a rose tea wrap where i sweated like a madwoman then a massage. oh-so-very relaxing. =)
04 dinner at angele = french restaurant along a lake(?) in napa. food wasn't too great, way overpriced, nice surroundings

monday = plane back to good old jersey

* it was a very nice vacation :) *


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fatigue [19 Jul 2004|12:45am]
[ mood | lazy ]

01 › friday; i made $101 in tips. one man gave me $20 while i was cleaning up and said i worked hard - it was nice lol.

02 › saturday; coming back up north from the shore, i went to garden state plaza and got a hollister shirt and stuff from victoria's secret. after, i saw 'spiderman 2' w. gerber, michael tanayan and his cousin kristina and they all came over afterwards and watched degrassi.

03 › sunday; good shopping day! i went to short hills. mother got me a tiffany&co. necklace, new sheets and a bag from bloomies. i bought myself red & blue diesels and pink & orange kangaroo shoes. i love em both a lot =) my things urban outfitters also came today [quilt, 'idaho? no udaho' shirt & kermit undies!] i made my bed, cleaned my room and orgainzed my clothes. i've been watching old episodes of degrassi for the past few hours, haha

04 › im leaving for san francisco in about 36 hours and i still haven't packed yet ;x i did some extra research, though, and found info on a few places i want to go to when im there. i cannot wait!

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cartilidge [13 Jul 2004|02:23pm]

my cartilidge piercing!

i got my cartilidge pierced yesterday. ive wanted it for so long & now i finally have it :)
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maintenant [11 Jul 2004|10:26pm]

i never update [as usual] but i think i'll post the basics whenever i get a chance. a few things..

01/ just finished my 3rd week of work. i love it down there :) i made around 300 in tips so far which is not too bad. i think i'm putting all of my paychecks in the bank and some of my tips and i'll keep whatever's left to myself.

02/ im going to san francisco a week from tuesday. i haven't even realized how close it's coming. i wonder if i'll go shopping for it...

03/ 18 days till my birthday!

04/ a survey-ish thing i came across
wearing: d'jais shirt
hair: messy bun still up from this morning
makeup: au natural
ate today: 2 munchkins, salad at the mall, gummies + popcorn + ice cream at the movies :/
thing last said: 'good for her'
last phone call: gerber
in your purse: badtz maru wallet, pictures, hello kitty notepad + coinpurse, lucky makeup wallet, cotton candy bubble yum, cell, keys, etc.
in your cd player: mix of a bunch of stuff
desktop picture: an iceberg.. i need to look for a new one lol
last watched on tv: 40 greatest reality tv moments on vh1
last website visited: www.glenridge.org
plans for today: carpenter came and fixed the power, went to willowbrook, movies w. gerb
last thing bought: underwear from victoria's secret & guess shirt
last showered: last night.. i'm going to jump in soon!
went to bed/woke up: 12a/11a
last IM: michael tanayan
I need: to start preparing for san fran
looking forward to: work [weird?] & cali
worst part of the day: seeing someone i hate
best part of the day: sleeping
favorite person of the day: n/a
thinking about: vacations
current annoyance: the person who's been calling me every night for the past week
current obsession: lindsay lohan

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[20 Jun 2004|07:24pm]
Je t'aime.
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