I meant to upload this sooner, but here is a real picture (photoshop free) from the KFC down the road from my house:

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OMG If anyone out there loves me a lot, buy me Fahrenheit 9/11 for Christmas and you can't go wrong!


This entry will serve as a friends cut; please comment with an answer/idea to the following problem (few exceptions made):

I am on the DHS stage crew, and we drastically need ideas for fundraisers... does anyone have any ideas?

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I want everyone to go to this show and get Stuck On You duct tape products.

Support my poor ass!


If you had to sell duct tape, what would your company be named??

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I don't want you in my life. You're a cocaine infested whore, and I can't fucking stand you. I don't know why I compromised how I felt towards the love of my life, the one who's been there throughout everything for a fuck ass like yourself. Don't come around me; you might as well stay away from the mall and/or Empress, or there seriously will be problems. Last time you got off easily because I didn't want to ruin my night. I was having a great time with my best friend until you pull this stalking shit on me. How about you get the fuck out of my life, asshole?

You're lucky I haven't the time to bitch some more about what a fuck up you are. Wasted time and wasted life.
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God, I’m exhausted. I feel so bad for not updating lately, but I’ve been so busy lately. I must proceed with my friends cut listing, considering it has been a week overdue.

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Comment if you have been taken off and would like to stay.