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:.Hidden Behind Blue Eyes.:

29 August
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There isn't much that one needs to know about me; I like most sports (except hockey, golf and random other pointless ones such as bull fighting *snickers*), I love to sleep and do so as much as life permits, and the rest can be found in my entries. Okay, so I wrote that because I'm boring and there really isn't much more to me than that, but you can at least bestow a little credit upon me for being able to admit it. Feel free to read my random bullshit, and--if you feel so inclined--add me to your friends' list; I'll most likely add you back, unless you're a stalker, in which case I'll glare menacingly and hit you with feather pillows or something. *Shrugs*
I'm a little strange. So what? :-P

Oh--and before I forget--I use Skype in addition to the IM info listed above, so feel free to 'gimme a ring sometime if you're bored or whatever.

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Warning: I tend to be rather informal with the structure of my journal writing; if this bothers you, then don't read it. You can't say that I didn't tell you before hand though. :)
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