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So the headache has subsided and I'm feeling significantly better. I just have to make sure I go and eat something soon because I'm feeling rather zombified.

I spent a really wonderful evening with Samantha..just drinking Sangria (yum :D) and watching The Corpse Bride. It has been a really long time since we just relaxed together and spent some "quality time" with one another. It was definitely in order. I visited her new house which absolutely beautiful....an in-ground pool, huge yard...you name it, it is there.

Samantha's younger sister gave me this poster. I've always wanted it and she decided she didn't want it anymore..why, I do not know. ;) I am sure just about everyone has seen this picture of two girls kissing...it is pretty popular..but if you haven't or if you want the pleasure of seeing it again you can stop by my house because it will be on my wall very shortly or go to this site:

The Poster

The semester is half over and the weather has been lifting my spirits lately. It is refreshing to not have to scurry to my car after class in the freezing cold. It also eliminates the feeling that the entire day is over at 5:30pm. I'm not quite sure if I would ever be able to go to grad school too far upstate or in a place where the weather is really dreary. I think I would just be asking for depressive episodes.

Ok, a shower is needed and I should jump on the producitivity wagon before it leaves.