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my relaxation agent


I live off of coffee, macaroni, music, and conversation. I wear jewelry that reminds me of the people I love...I keep a piece of them with me no matter where I go. I read, I think, I dream. I love to live and live to learn. I love to read, so much that it gives me headaches... I can be a severe procrastinator. I love thinking and will engage in endless conversations that either shed light on absolutely nothing or allow me to learn something about myself and/or the person who is engaged in said conversation.

1984, 300, a perfect circle, accents, acoustic guitars, aimless car rides, alanis morissette, androgyny, ani difranco, art, behavior, better than chocolate, black and white photos, boxers, brand new, brooklyn, bush, carl rogers, caroline's spine, chai tea, charlie brown, chevelle, coffee, coffee shops, coheed and cambria, cold case files, college, concerts, criminology, cuisine, deftones, dexter, dreaming, emily dickinson, empathy, equal rights, equality, evolution, exercising, fall out boy, feminism, finger eleven, fiona apple, folk, food network, forensics, friends, garbage, garden state, gender fluidity, gender theory, george carlin, george orwell, gina gershon, goo goo dolls, great expectations, green tea, hats, heart beats, heather nova, helping people, high art, hoodies, hot cocoa, incubus, independent films, ink, insomnia, italy, jimi hendrix, john donne, journeys, katherine moennig, kidneythieves, laughter, learning, lesbians, lgbt, life as a house, linkin park, living, margaret atwood, meeting people, mix tapes, modern art, modest mouse, muse, my chemical romance, new york city, nine inch nails, nirvana, onerepublic, people that care, philosophy, piercings, pink floyd, plato, poe, poetry, psychology, queer as folk, reading, remy zero, requiem for a dream, research, rocking out, sarah mclachlan, science, sensitivity, silverchair, snow patrol, spaghetti, studying people, sylvia plath, tegan and sara, the bell jar, the crow, the l word, the little prince, the ocean, the postal service, the village, the wallflowers, third eye blind, tool, tori amos, trainspotting, traveling, william blake, william shakespeare