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Escaped from the madness of family to write a post.

The family had a nice pre-Christmas gathering, complete with delicious food. Now we will eat more delicious food and open presents. Gotta love Italian holidays. We always have too much food.

I hope my girl likes my gifts! I miss her right now. It really sucks trying to coordinate our schedules and it frustrates the crap out of us....we've been together for 5 months already. We've had our ups and downs but I love her so much. I'm willing to work through things to be with her because I know I'm not the easiest person to be in a relationship with. Now I'm getting all teary-eyed...damn.

In other news, I have secured a job that I'm actually growing to be quite fond of. The atmosphere is very relaxing, the people are extremely friendly, and I'm getting the hang of everything. I also think there is room for advancement in the future which is especially awesome. I think I could get used to an office job...although I never thought I would say anything like that. I'm also developing an interest for industrial/organizational psychology which may be the direction I am heading in (this changes daily, so who knows..)

One more semester left until graduation! Then my wonderful college loans kick in....ah well.

I am definitely taking a break after graduation and am not jumping right into graduate school. I have officially made that decision. I have set things in place (letters of recommendation, gpa, research experience etc.) for whenever I plan to go to graduate school....immediately is not very likely because 1) I need a break 2) I need to be sure of which area I want to pursue 3) I need to get some shit in order before making such a serious commitment.

My grades so far:
Cognitive Psychology: A+
Modern China: A
Behavior Analysis: A

Damn, I haven't written LJ entries in so long that I've lost the hang of it. I hope everyone has a splendid holiday!

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