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I have a really terrible headache that is slowly going away thanks to Excedrine. It is probably from my sinuses but Excedrine seems to work anyway. I need to go to the ENT but have been putting it aside..I really hope I am not getting yet another sinus infection because they fucking suck.

So school has been going really well..I aced two of my exams so far and have successfully completed a large portion of the work needed to finish this semester.

I'm trying to get myself into gear to study for the GRE's but they drive me crazy...I completely suck when it comes to test like this....I clam up and become really anxious just because I am aware of their significance. When I take the practice tests, if I mentally relax myself my scores improve TREMENDOUSLY. The problem with this is mentally relaxing myself on the test day will probably prove impossible.

In other news, I just saw my girlfriend who makes me really happy. I made her a turkey sandwich and we shared my tomato soup.

The end.

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