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how will they tell the shipwreck

when winter shakes the door?

the mountains drip with sunset
I occasionally write things.

NaNoWriMo Progress Meter
The Goatskin Dress Progress Meter

NaNoWriMo Progress Meter
Sing Up The Wind Progress Meter

Past NaNoWriMo Novels:
The Hundred-Year Rose (2003)
current status: initial red-pen edit complete
beginning type-up of red-pen edit

Sing Up The Wind (2004)
current status: in progress

a rose-covered tower, autumn, being a bookworm, blue alien brothers, blustery days, curling up with-a-good-book, deerskin, dickon sowerby, ender wiggin, ernil i pheriannath, folk tales, hobbit culture, lamb, late-afternoon naps, my dear vagabonds, my fairy-tales, nanowrimo, novel-writing, october, ohnny appleseed, peregrin took, plum-trees in the rain, quiet libraries, remember when it rained, robins and lions, short stories, sing up the wind, speak little sparrow, tall tales, the hundred-year rose, the lamp tree, the pied piper, the wild swans, twin-boys, voices in the forest, wildflowers, writing in new notebooks, writing like crazy, yellow roses