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how will they tell the shipwreck

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Friday, November 10th, 2006
12:32 am
So I'm barely scraping 11K (I know, way far behind, but more than twice what I made in the entire month last year!), and the novel has descended into utter weirdness. I'm serious, I have no idea what's going on anymore. A character who I thought would be established within the first few chapters is seemingly like he's not going to actually show up until the end - and I mean, like, The End. Whaaat? And I think this entire business is going to be a long string (ha!) of episodic disjointed fragments, Noël's hop-skip-leap journies. Totally disconnected. Totally... dumb.

Oh well. It's fun.

But seriously, descending into weirdness. I mean, what is this crap?Collapse )

Where's the fruit? (Which is of course a euphamism for WTF.) Oh well. It's week two, these things happen. Yar.

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Sunday, November 5th, 2006
10:50 pm
Currently about 700 words behind, but that's not too bad. As long as I keep writing at least the base 1667 for the next few days, I'll be fine until I find the stamina to catch up/work ahead.

Am headachey and still have homework to do, so a brief excerpt and then I'll be off. I'll upload chapters one and two sometime in the next few days, for those reading. (PS, let me know if you want to read it so I can put you in the group.)

PPS. Hate everything in chapter three, aside from a few small moments. Parts of chapter two felt magical (Noël combing her hair and Gretchen trying not to cry while making the bed... I don't know, sometime just felt good in that scene), and three is just... barfalicious. Oh well. That's what December is for.

Come on, faster or we'll miss the flush!Collapse )

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Friday, November 3rd, 2006
9:52 pm
I only wrote 976 today! Augh! But I must go to bed because I am tired and am getting sick, and I have a large speech and debate competition tomorrow. Sigh sigh. When I get home in the evening (I should be back by eight o'clock at the latest) I will be sure to write for at least an hour and hopefully pound out a good 3K or so.

Also, now I desire strawberry-banana cheesecake ice cream. Curse you, Gretchen!

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1:20 am
Stayed up because I needed to get in at least two thousand today. Made it to 2124, yay. Overall so far: 4224. Nothing drastically impressive, but oh well.

Chapter one, very brief, is done. Chapter two will be much longer (it's roughly the same length already and is only maybe half-done). Tra la. An excerpt from the day's writing and then I'm going to BED, I'm so tired.

Is she actively stalking him now or something?Collapse )

P.S. This novel is so desultory and weird.

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Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
11:23 pm
Today I managed to write 2106 words. Hoo-rah! I am stopping now because A) I have to find at least two articles before bed, preferrably three to five, for the annotated bibliography which I must complete tomorrow, and B) I really want to be in bed before midnight tonight. So I am stopping the writing, and fortunately I have left off in a place which will be quite easy to pick up tomorrow.

The first chapter so far is completely incoherent. Everything moves waaay too fast (the plot point which launches the Main Adventure has just begun, 2000 words into the story), and it can't decide precisely what tone it wants to have. But it's okay. Noël has really surprised me and is being rather unlike how I thought she was. Also, it's disturbing how much of my own life is seeping into this story. For reals, guys.

. Noël apparently enjoys peanut butter and apple jelly sandwiches. These have been my breakfast staple on the days that I actually eat breakfast in the dining hall.
. Her inner monologues are hitting way too close to home. (I'll put one in the excerpt.)
. As of late I have been saying this to myself when trying to make a choice: "Options: Blah blah blah because blah blah blah, or tra la la because tra la la." This has appeared in the novel, though in a slightly different fashion. Whaaat the heck.
. Eating peanut butter and raisins straight from the jar as comfort food. Oh my God, this was my midnight life for a period of two weeks until I ran out of peanut butter (I consumed two jars in like, three weeks. What the heck, guys!).

But anyway. I am so so tired and am having trouble typing. I'm off to search for articles about topics which I will likely find nothing for. Congratulations to my fellow NaNoers, good luck and Godspeed!

And now an excerpt or two.Collapse )

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1:20 am

And already things are surprising me. (Oh Noël, you are not quite exactly who I thought you were! And who is this Michael character? Margaret? What?) I wrote a good little bit (only a couple hundred words, but that's okay) and would love to stay up another hour or so but I really, really need to sleep.

Secretly I want to stay up ALL NIGHT writing. But I probably will not. I'll tell you tomorrow.

An excerpt from the brief bit I've written: Oh man I want cookies, too.Collapse )

Yeah, I need to visit the grocery store TOMORROW. No compromises. I need to get peanut butter and raisins and some healthy snack stuff for the NaNoing to come. (And cheap leftover Halloween candy. I used to almost never eat this sort of junk but in the past two weeks I am addicted beyond reason. Eugh.)


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Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
10:09 pm
Okay, I desperately need to get enough sleep tonight, but I also desperately want to stay up and start NaNo at midnight because I've never done it before!... So this is the plan: bed at 10:30-ish, then GET UP at ten to midnight and make popcorn and gear up for the writing.

Also, have decided that I don't want to write dreamy fae-ish prose full of angst, as Strings has been threatening to be. I want to write a bit more of quirky, funny-but-sad dreamy prose. This will no doubt guide me through the dark hours to come. Yar.

See y'all in a few hours...

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Monday, October 30th, 2006
6:14 pm
Last year, I contemplated writing a novel entitled Strings. The general summary was as follows: This girl, she is tired of Earth and people and being sad. She wishes to her wishing star that she might somehow get away, to Neverland or to the stars, anywhere but here. The star hears her, and she makes her midnight journey into the heavens. On her travels to find the place of happiness she will meet bards and bounty hunters, faerie queens, a space circus, good-natured thieves, runaways, star-children, and the one who has heard her wishes-upon-a-star all her life, who has kept her wishes safe all these years. He knows her heart, and only he can show her where the place of happiness lies.

This year, I have decided that I will in fact write Strings. However, while the basic concept is still the same, it has matured quite nicely into something far better (and less nebulous) than it was at is conception. We still have bards and bounty hunters, a space circus, good-natured thieves, and runaways, but now we also have string-keepers and star-queens and the Nest of Stars (which I just discovered as I type this entry, as a matter of fact). And the girl is now more of a woman, which is probably better (who really needs another angsty teenage girl protagonist?). And other things have changed and grown, things which I cannot tell you because they would spoil the surprise. But I am growing excited about this one. I think it's going to be fun and pretty and thoughtful.

It's definitely more in the vein of The Goatskin Dress as far as style is concerned, rather than The Hundred-Year Rose and SUTW. That suits me as of late; I'm feeling more like writing the dreamy sort of prose.

Oh golly gee whiz, I'm so excited, you guys! I want to start writing now. Ah well. Only one more day... eee! I'm so excited, and so happy to be excited! I was rather dreading NaNoWriMo this year — I had absolutely no ideas, SUTW is still unfinished, and I'm fairly convinced I won't have adequate time to actually meet the 50K mark by the end of the month. But now I've found the fun again, and good heavens how I have been missing it.

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