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try to find a way to spike the senses

til everything goes white.

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a clockwork orange, aaron ross, andy warhol, animals, anime, aphex twin, aqua teen hunger force, asian food, autechre, belle and sebastian, big sunglasses, bjork, blonde redhead, bob dylan, brandy, bubble bobble, bunnies, cafe mekka, camus, cats, chai, cherry coke, cigarettes, cities, coffee, curb your enthusiasm, dancer in the dark, david bowie, decadent desserts, deerhoof, dilaudid, disco, donovan, drug culture, drugs, drugs as gifts, drugstore cowboy, euphoria, evangelion, f. scott fitzgerald, family guy, feeling warm and comfortable, fields, films, flavored cigarettes, flea markets, flowers, flutes, fog, foreign languages, fountain soda, fred's, gin, golden girls, green lincolns, guinea pigs, hanging out in town, harold and maude, harry nilsson, harvey birdman, hats, hayao miyazaki, hella, heroin, heroin chic, hunter s. thompson, iced coffee, iceland, incense, jack kerouac, japanese culture, joanna newsom, john and yoko, katamari damacy, knitting, lamps, lemons, live music, lou reed, marilyn monroe, meadows, mission street, mix tapes, modest mouse, mum, mushrooms, music, nevada city, nico, nintendo, nodding, o cross, of montreal, opiates, opium, oxycontin, penguins, photography, poppies, psychology, quarter machines, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rain, rats, ray lynch, reading, record players, rmca, robot toys, rocking out hard, roller skates, san francisco, scotch, sealab, sewing, shooting up, short films, sierra nevada beer, simon and garfunkel, singing, snow cones, soulseek, stealing, stencils, sun, syringes, taking photos, tea, tera melos, the beatles, the history channel, the ocean, the point, the velvet underground, thrift stores, valium necklaces, video games, vintage clothing, vintage jewelery, violins, waterfalls, welcome back kotter, wigs, william s. burroughs, writing, yard sales, yuba river, zelda