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passion called from back behind the curtain screaming...

Sonny this is urgent!!

29 May
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+ people are strange +!

The Birthday Massacre Fanlisting! Dying for your Love// i <3 fluffy pens i <3 the 80s! i <3 pencils! i <3 neon colors! i <3 isis! i <3 mascara!

my pet!

I adopted a cute lil' emo fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

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^ that was made by me..kthx

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Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

+ I want a boy.
+ A nice boy.
+ A boy who has sexy hair and lets me play with it.
+ Who will hold my hand in line at shows and at the mall and make all the girls jealous.
+ Someone who would sing to me at random moments.
+ Who would let me sleep on their chest.
+ and kick rocks when we walked down the street together.
+ I want someone who wouldn't mind buying me little random inexpensive things whenever given the chance.
+ And I would love it that whenever we went to shows he'd let me drool over the lead singer for the night.
+ He would let me wear his clothes.
+ He would call me all the time to let me know he's thinking about me
+ He would surprise me with 25 cent rings.
+ And on his birthday, I'd treat him to his favorite restaurant.
+ He would take me to the park.
+ we’d make fun of people at the mall together
+ It'd be cute if he fell asleep and I snuck into bed with him.
+ And we'd always take pictures in photo booths and for myspace.
+ He'd never turn down a trip to the beach to watch the sunset.
+ He'd tell all his friends about me and smile when he did.
+ This boy would dedicate songs to me at his shows
+ He’d even call up the radio station to do it
+ We'd sit on the kitchen floor and eat PB&J sandwiches.
+ We'd make out in the rain.
+ He would write me notes cuz he loves me.
+ He'd kiss me every time he sees me.
+ On sundays we would go to IHOP.
+ He'd always tell me when something didn’t look good, and I didn’t mind.
+ He'd play monopoly with me until the "wee hours" of the morning.
+ we would play super nintendo.
+ He'd run his fingers through my hair
+ We'll sing songs along to the radio together.
+ He'll always make out with me when I want him to and never pull away.
+ Someone to share lollie pops with.
+ He will get along with all my friends, and vice versa.
+ We'll go to coffee shops and make friends with everyone there.
+ He would buy me shirts at shows =].
+ He would never be embarrassed to say "I Love You" In front of his friends.
+ He never censors himself if he wants to say 'cute' or 'awwww'.
+ We'd take midnight car rides down to the beach.
+ We'd have pillow fights.
+ I want a boy who can argue over stupid things with me
+ I want a boy who would take me to a place like Target just to make fun of certain things.
+ He'd love music just as much as I do.
+ We'll kiss at midnight on new years in Times Square.
+ I want someone who would lay with me in the grass and look for shapes in the clouds.
+ Someone who would take me to the city just to walk around.
+ Someone who will squirt me with water guns in the house.
+ I would like to write my name in a heart on his hip bone, and him to write his on mine.
+ Someone who would tell me I was beautiful, but not too often.
+ Talk to on aim about stupid things.
+ Someone who would look me in the eye and tell me something very, very serious, yet silly and tell me not to laugh.
+ Someone who would make me laugh like no one else could.
+ He would sing every word to every song we play in the car.
+ He'd surprise me all the time.
+ He'd like to chew ice just as much as I did.
+ He wouldn't break my heart or lie to me.(or cheat)
+ A boy who likes stars also like I do.
+ We'd quote lines from movies or songs to describe the moment.
+ He'd hold me closer than normal if I was sick.
+ He would draw me pictures.
+ We'd go out a lot, but also stay home some weekends like hermits and watch movies and listen to music.
+ he’d let me pick out his clothes sometimes.
+ We'd buy disposable camera's and take tons of pictures.
+ We'd fight sometimes. But he never settles on what I think, it would have to be mutual.
+ I want a boy who would open up to me.
+ I want soooooo much more, but im afraid i’ll die with nothing.