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monday i got gum in my hair.

tuesday i got gum on my shoe. twice.

thursday i got a turkey bacon grease stain on my shirt. and i dont even like bacon. or turkey bacon.

i am going to be extra cautious today and not wear anything i value, not including my hair.

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today was the best day in all of my existence.

1) first. on the bus, we all had bagels. almost. i had one, mike graf had one, and joe kelly ALMOST brought one and was angered for forgetting. coincidence? no, this was merely a sign that we were in for one weird day.
2) next. in the cafeteria. i gave joe kelly a wallet i had made out of capri suns. b/c i always make bags and he told me monthsss ago to make him a wallet. and so i finally did.
3) Then. At my locker in the morning. We had to take down all of our memories. It was kind of sad b/c i had the best locker door in the entire school. took a pic. And we took down the memories and had a swell time while doing so. Joe Kelly kept a suction cup to be reunited in my locker next year. Then Dom came over. and gave me a hug, just like the good old days. and i made a face at joe kelly b/c that boy's hugs are not so wonderful. and it was fun.
4) Homeroom. My lofe and I discussed love. It was our last homeroom love chat. Hopefully again next year!
5) Spanish final. Joe pissed me off a smidge for accusing me yet again for being in love with a random boy. first time he ever angered me. that's a memory, for sure.
6) final was bleh. then we raced to the bench. just like always. lol, joe and i like to sit on a bench outside. and we usually start to pick up our pace when we get close. and end up racing. and i always win. and today, i didn't trust him! but agreed, we should sit down together. and yes, he cheated. my lofe took photographs. it's THE bench. they came out wonderful.

i am in love with everyone today. and the day didnt even begin at this point. i may not have time to finish. i dont wanna forget a thing!

7) nicole and i walked to the park next door. everyone from our lunch period was there. and first we lay on the double slides. and nextly, lol, we went on the swings. and then jen orlowsky and mike stopiello came. and we had a picnic with imaginary food like in hook on her blanket! good times. and we discussed love and life and boys and nose-picking. <33333333
and upon shaking out the blanket, jen realized what a wonderful idea it would be to throw a small child into the air in the blanket. so we chose a freshman. named noah. and we all gathered around, he lying on the blanket. and we tossed him into the air.
was successful the first two times. on the third. we let the blanket fall a smidge and he landed on the ground. ouch. poor kid.
Then. folding the blanket, i said we should play the parachute game. we threw it up so it filled with air and we most definitely went under it and it was filled with air.
We played on the slides. that was fun. and i was a true rebel, upside-down and backwards! (ps, i saw my lvoe and no way, he wasn't having as much fun. no way.)
besides that and other silly things. nicole and i and mike graf followed the lead of stopiello and jen and a true rebel :P to hop the fence. yes, that is the first time i have ever hopped a fence. i am officially a rebel. especially since i escaped the school without my mother knowing, to go be a kid and hop fences and run through the woods. Nicole got a memory.

8) Yes. only on 8! the park was a lot of goodness. eep, not enough time. OMG, but after school was the BEST PART i swear. okay. well we went home on the bus, nicole cutrone was supposed to come swimming and graf and joe kelly were gunna come. but the weather wasn't swimmable.
9) So. graf and joe kelly ordered pizza on the bus. and we were gunna go. howevah. my mom is a horrible woman. and did not like this idea. so we defied the maniac woman to the best of our abilities. by having a picnic outside. "Picnic Area ->" haha.
10) They lit a lot of stuff on fire. Was entertaining.
11) Dave, my sister's b/f showed up on the way to my house. And Mike chased him around with the pool net thing. That was entertaining too.
12) And Then. hm. Well Dave went to see Teri. and I can't figure out what precisely went on at that time. OMG. wait.
13) Okay. Firecrackery things. So friggin wonderful. They threw them in the street. Joe was pissed b/c his mother was a house or two down. But it was amazing b/c they were such jackasses to throw them and still, there were old people like two feet away. AND! they ran with their hands over their heads. it wasn't even close to the highlight of my day though.
14) Then Graf wrestled Dave Price for a while. Then Dave price went to go to my house to see Teri. and as Graf handed the lighter to Price, Price grabbed his arm and started to drive. so graf hopped on the car, and they made the turn and were gone.
15) yeah, graf came back. of course.
16) inbetween. it's a blur. then. dave showed up with teri. and the most amazing wrestling matches occured. dave got chased around with a wet tree branch. mike got hit in the face with a wet newspaper. dave got chased around with hit own wet flip flops. other wonderful things like that occured. too much to list.
17) this deserves it's own number: okay. well. this kid was mowing his lawn. and he friggin drove it right off the grass onto the curb. and it made this horrible noise and we all turned and stared. and of course the boys applauded.
18) we decided to get to dairy queen. walking to my house to get cars, nicole and i found memories: seashells. and we ran through the sprinkler. sort of :P
19) in the car. dave was behind us (teri and joe and i) with graf and nicole. and they were honking like complete dorks and throwing cherrybombs out the window like fools.
20) we got to dairyqueen. LOL.

i hafta babysit. to be continuedddd


okay. And then!

20) at DQ. we went in. nothing super fancy. so we decided to cross the street to ritas. and so we did. mother called to say that my RECORD PLAYER HAD ARRIVED. YES!
21) and we sat around and dave flung some icecream at mike. and mike threw out his icecream already. so he went and spent another dollar. on a lovely icey. and chased silly dave down the street. and got him in the back, perfectly. and the whole chunk of icey just like stuck on his back for a few steps.
21 1/2) this isn't really it's own number, but i never wanna forget all those kids driving by in a pickup. that was interesting.
22) yeah the shoprite kids (teri and dave) decided it was necessary to go and chit chat with the kids over there. and so. we headed back to the car. well first, mike graf went to the car. and it was daves car. and he pulled it out a smidge. but not really. and dave got him out of it or whatevah. and pulled it back up, right over the curb. and then backed up like a maniac. and then over the curb again.
23) that was interesting. and THEN. mike graf got onto the roof thing with the help of dave price. there was just like a random door on the wall of DQ. so dave helped him up. and there was the manager walking around up there or something so it was kind of necessary to split.
24) And so the adventure continued to shoprite. along our walk to shoprite. nicole spotted a sign. a lovely sign. i hafta say. it was a poop sign. "got poop, we scoop." a little picket sign. who wouldn't want it? and so it was hers.
25) The Dollar Store.

Normally, something like this would deserve its own entry. but this is the entry of all entries. this is the best day of my life. seriously. nothing in my entire life will ever be better than today. with my best friends, my most favorite people, for hours. and not just b/c we are silly, we witnessed some of the most ridiculous scenes today!

Okay. The Dollar Store.

I saw the dollar store and mentioned how it would be lovely if we all walked in and purchased wonderful things, lovely presents. and Nicole had the fab idea that we actually exchangeee presents. i lofe you for that. We each spent a dollar on the most ridiculous things we could find. And it was to be top secret, and we'd all exchange. At first, i thought a three-pack of rubber duckies. But then! glorious. a squeaking rubber hot dog, with ketchup and everything. How ironic is it, that out of that huge dollar store of like ten isles, joe kelly tried to buy the same thing until i heard the squeak and said nuh uh.
So we went outside. Dave didn't get anything, he was cashless at this point. And we all closed our eyes. And he placed a bag at each of our feet. Teri got the hotdog that i picked out. Nicole got a statue of a snail. Mike got a box of tissues. I got some really hot jewellery, the clip on earrings are glam, i must say. and Joe got a monkey statue. It holds a stack of books, so when you take off the top book you can put something special inside. (ps. you dont hafta read this. but i dont ever wanna forget that cashier and how grumpy she was. what a hick.)

21) Then. it was off to shoprite. with our snazzy new plastic necklaces and hot statues. I don't know anything very exciting that happened there. Besides how dave tried to get nicole to buy some maxi pads as part of a joke. blah, i didn't care, i was busy adoring my new plastic ring <3

22) And then. Nicole and me and Joe and Mike all sat on the wall thing to wait for teri and dave. And waited. And waited.

23) And so the adventure began to end. slowly. we walked back to the cars, like civilized kids. With a poop sign.

24) we drove home like normal kids. and then walked back to graf's house. joe found me an orange rock. i like it. b/c it's like the rock we found in my yard that we painted a triangle on.

25) And when we got there we sat on mike graf's skate ramps. almost in silence, thinking about our day. it was truly amazing and wonderful.

26) there were these fancy ramps. it was a wooden platform. with a rampy metal one foot raised platform decked on top. So it was like bunkbeds. so i got the top and joe got the bottom. And it was WAY fun to poke him in the sides b/c he is way ticklish.

27) The icecream song.

28) More relaxing on the skate ramps.

29) Backyard to witness a "froggy splash" and trampoline ridiculousness.

30) we were in such a daze, that nicole and i merely just stared as dave actually attempted to beat michael graf with a tree. Yes, a tree. He was trying to beat mike graf with a tree. that was still attached to the ground. I did not realize how strange this was until joe kelly pointed it out to me.

31) And our adventure began to end, slowly. Parents came. Apparently, a day can only be so fun. "you've had enough fun for one day." What silly people we all live with.

I love you all. And our next adventure will be soon.

Today was the most wonderful day of my entire life and I've never said that before, I take this very seriously, in the most ridiculous way.

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i feel like going on an adventure today. it's a rainy day, i love it. the possibilities could be endless if i didn't have parents.

or something like that.