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Kiddyprinting: Too late to protect our children's rights! (More Info)

An article in theregister today regarding fingerprinting in schools in the UK, cited the Information Commissioner as saying it is too late to outlaw child fingerprinting on the grounds of civil liberties and privacy because so many schools are already doing it (after the Information Commissioner's Office stated it was ok).

Read the article here:


I have emailed my MP (Ben Wallace) with the following:

Hello Ben,

I just read this article:


And I am disgusted. As a new parent (our son is 1 yr old) I am appalled
at the ICO's failure to protect the rights of our children. Not only do
I see fingerprinting our children as a massive abuse of privacy but also
it seems that the company providing the technology is linked with
Guantanamo Bay!

I will say this now, if -anyone- attempts to finger print my child in
school then things are likely to get violent, because there is no way on
this earth that I am going to sit back and allow my child's rights to be
swept away in an air of incompetence. I would rather go to jail
protecting the rights of my child than to sit back and ignore this.

Anger doesn't even begin to express how I feel on this issue, there are
no words, these are our CHILDREN the future of our world.


Alexander Hanff

I have also setup a petition on http://www.pm.gov.uk which is currently awaiting the approval of the Primeminister's web team, I will link directly to the petition once it is approved.

Everyone needs to contact their member of Parliament on this issue, you can find your MP's contact details here:


Our children are not criminals and should not be treated as such. Act now before it is too late.

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