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_p0etictragedy_'s Journal

11 September
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, 311, accepting, acting, afi, alkaline trio, annie, art, band tshirts, being myself, belts, billie joe armstrong, black and white photography, boy meets world, brand new, burned cds, care bears, carebears, catch phrase, caution tape, cd players, chapstick, cheerleading, chic fil a, children, chucks, coding, color, conversations, cows, crayons, dice, different, donnie darko, dr pepper, drawing, driving around, drums, elf, eric matthews, eyeliner, flipflops, frappacinos, friends, frozen pizzas, gadzooks tshirts, gap, goo goo dolls, green, green day, gummies, haiir dye, hats, honesty, hoodies, hopscotch, hot topic, icons, interesting facts, jackets, jeans, jimmy eat world, journeys, kiwi, layouts, life, llamas, local bands, long sleeve shirts, lyrics, mario, matchbox 20, may, mechanical penciles, movies, murals, music, musicals, my chemical romance, nail polish, nirvana, old school nickelodeon, old school nintendo, oliver, open minded people, orange, orange fanta, paint shop pro, painting, pajama pants, peanut butter cookies, penguins, people watching, pictures, piercings, poetry, polka dots, popcorn chicken, rain puddles, rainy days, random signs, random spanish, religion, rings, scapegoat, scarfs, sharpies, shoelaces, shows, silver, sincerity, sketching, skirts, slc punk!, soccer, socks, something corporate, sound of music, starbucks, stars, stripes, stuffed animals, sublime, sugarcult, summer, swings, teenage mutant ninja turtles, text messages, the 1940's, the ataris, the bible, the killers, the lion king, the used, thinking, tremont, trying to sing, urban outfitters, vintage anything, volume, water, wicker park, will and grace, writing, writing on tshirts, yellow, yellow jeeps, zebra stripes