December 6,2008 @ 5:21 P
(friends only)

Yeah, these kinds of journals can be incredibly annoying, but I don't like thinking that people are reading things I write when I have no idea who they are. Comment and I'll probably add you...unless you TypE LiK Dis, or something else that I find incredibly annoying. Yes I know the date's off, now this lovely entry will grace the top of my page forever and always.

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August 4,2005 @ 9:22 P
(i'm not dead)

wow, it's been forever since i've been on here. finally got my laptop back, which lead to a new layout.. and then i decided to update. not much to say. mm.. go llamas.

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April 26,2005 @ 12:40 A
(i need updates x 48425)

someone needs to make me write more. im such a slacker. new layout, definitely not finished, but, i'm going to bed.

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