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Yeah, these kinds of journals can be incredibly annoying, but I don't like thinking that people are reading things I write when I have no idea who they are. Comment and I'll probably add you...unless you TypE LiK Dis, or something else that I find incredibly annoying. Yes I know the date's off, now this lovely entry will grace the top of my page forever and always.

i'm not dead

wow, it's been forever since i've been on here. finally got my laptop back, which lead to a new layout.. and then i decided to update. not much to say. mm.. go llamas.

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My input on Jason's entry on fear.. and Lori's poem

the quickening of blood
that accompanies these feelings
warming your veins as it pulses
to the tempo of your heart
beating at a rate which supasses
that which is known,
this has never been felt before.
shadows in corners of eyes
fade back into the night
making you believe they're only figments
of the minds speeding imagination
seeing the things you wish you had
right in front of your face
reaching out only to find they're intangible.
the words push their way to your lips
but you swallow them back down
closing your eyes,
pushing them away,
afraid of what they may produce.
Is the risk worth the reward?

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Hot tears stain cheeks
With splotchy roads
That tell the whispered tales
Of the hopes lost to reality.
I cling to the only things I have
But they don’t seem to be enough.
They’re wearing down with age
Tattering and tearing so I can hold no longer.
Letting go is the hardest thing
To the dreams that once seemed so real
The images that danced in my head
Once just an arms length from my reality
Are fading with the seasons
And as winter turns to spring
They finally slip away.

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The clock ticks
That slow monotonous noise
It echoes in my head as I wait
For what I don’t know,
Something I can not explain
Something that I haven’t known
A Christmas with snow lightly falling
Blanketing the earth with a gentle hand
The spark of electricity from another’s touch
Knowing that it has to be love.
A baby taking it’s careful first step
Stumbling into it’s mothers awaiting arms
Curling up in your daddy’s lap
Feeling that you’re finally safe
The things I’ve never experienced
What I think about
What I dream of
As the clock ticks on.

Watching their story about me

Sitting in lunch, and Heather wanted to be mentioned in my journal, so, here's a tribute to Heather, or, Ill just put her James rant heather's madnessCollapse )
And Lori just made my day. Sitting here looking at my comments she saw my icon, and asked who it was a picture of. I told her, and she got very excited, thinking that the actual Green Day singer was commenting on my journal. Oh how I love Lori.