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_overpopulated's Journal

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punk. new york. girl.
loves: my grandpa. my puppy. sophia bush. high school musical. buffy. jon foster. friends. music. movies. fanfic. red.
dislikes: one tree hill. stupid people. liars. ashley tisdale. angel. salad.
things you should know:
+i hate joie/james. not seperatley, but together. they arent so called "hot", i just dont see it. ick. so yeah, i wouldnt want anyone to gush about them to me.
+hil/joie? just...dont even. if i cant stomach anything, its them. you wont believe the things i've heard.
+ASHKEY TISDALE AND ZAC EFRON ARENT DATING!!!!! zac's got it hot, for ness. leave me be.
+i tend to lose friends in a blink of an eye, so, watch out?

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