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Open up your mind, it's fantasy you'll find~

It's time to discover, imagine, uncover-- The dream lives in you!

5 July 1987
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"...And without Jabba, we'd never get to see Leia in a bikini, so thank god for Jabba."

a miracle would happen, aaron tveit, andy fucking meeks, andy meeks, andy!joseph's tennis skirt, andy's ass, andy's exotic green eyes, atlanta, avenue q, barrett foa, blue vinyl pants, broadway, c-3po, camp minnie-mickey, cappy, carrie fisher, character design, chewbacca, chewie, christopher fitzgerald, christopher meloni, compulsive bowlers, corey reynolds, crunchwraps, daisy, dancing through life, dc rush, dead like me, defying gravity, detective benson, detective stabler, dirty rotten number, dirty rotten scoundrels, disney's animal kingdom, elphaba, fierce, fierce by abercrombie, finale, finale b, fiyero, for now, galinda, georgia lass, goodbye love, great big stuff, hairspray, hairspray: the musical, halloween, han solo, happy new year, happy new year b, harrison ford, harry potter, hermione granger, hogwarts, i'll cover you, i'll cover you: reprise, idina menzel, if you were gay, jennifer laura thompson, kerry butler, kristin chenoweth, la vie boheme, la vie boheme b, law & order: svu, leia organa, leia organa-solo, leia's boobs, link larkin, lori meeks, luke skywalker, marcus paul james, mariska hargitay, marissa jaret winokur, mark cohen, mark hamill, maureen johnson, melissa fahn, mille baci, mimi marquez, mini-p, mullets, musicals, neopets, new york city, newsies, no good deed, norbert leo butz, obi-wan kenobi, olivia benson, one short day, one song glory, out tonight, over the moon, padmé, penny lou pingleton, penny pingleton, phantom of the opera, photoshop, pop-u-lar, popular, princess leia, pteri, queen amidala, r2-d2, r2d2, ravenclaw, rent, rent 2004 tour, rent 2004 touring cast, roger davis, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rush tickets, santa fe, schadenfreude, seasons of love, seaweed j. stubbs, shiksa goddess, shirtless andy, shoyru, slave leia, slave!leia, star wars, tango: maureen, tattoos that are cappy, taye diggs, that would be cappy, that'd be cappy, the gershwin, the imperial, the last five years, the lion king, the nederlander, the neil simon, the star wars trio, the warner, the wizard and i, theater, theatre, tracy miller, tracy turnblad, voice acting, what is this feeling?, what you own, wicked, wicked obc, wicked the musical, wicked the novel, without love