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once in a lifetime

23 November 1988
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  • JeniFromTheRock
Lookin' back at the moments, black and white
I've lived in Florida all my life, still am living here, sometimes feels like I'll never leave. I dream of traveling the world. I'm going to be a senior this coming fall at my university and will hopefully be able to graduate spring or summer of next year. I'm finally learning to be comfortable with who I am. I pretty much just want to move to Nashville after I graduate. And I adore photography.
I wouldn't change a thing that changed my life
I love country music. TV shows? The Stargate series of shows, Doctor Who/Torchwood, LOST and all it's (still) unanswered questions, House, Grey's Anatomy, and whatever random show I might see that catches my fancy. I love movies, even if I can't always afford (college student, 'nuff said) to go and see all the one's I'd like. I'm a total Nerdfighter. And I kind of want to open my own photography business one day... we'll see.
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