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Flames of passion

burning in the dark

Charlie McGee
26 March
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Made by night_cross

Full name: Charlene Fay McGee

Alias: Charlie, Tommy Pearson, Roberta "Bobby" Elliot, Fay Anderson, Firestarter.

Physical Description: 5ft9, 130lbs, brown eyes, aubrun hair. Charlie is wearing ripped up blue jeans, dark purple t-shirt, grey hoodie and black doc's.

Personality: Charlie has a naturally short fuse and fiery temperment but she attempts to control these aspects lest they get out of control and result in the subconcious use of her powers. She maintains a low profile and avoids prolonged contact with most individuals. This no doubt results from her inability to trust others due to the manipulation of Rainbird as well as her fears of hurting others with her abilities. Passionate and implusive, at times Charlie can be reckless and irrational in her behavior.

Skills: Charlie is a telekinetic / pyrokinetic which means she can move objects and start fires with her mind. This abilities are un-charted and no one knows truly knows how advanced they are, not even Charlie herself. In the past however she has been able to maintain fires within a hundred foot radius of herself with little to no strain. In fact she once reduced a high tech military compound known as The Shop to ashes when she was ten. She can use her powers in more subtle ways such as increasing both her's and other's body temperatures, using it to help or hurt others.

Weaknesses: Charlie is human and can be hurt/ killed as one though if the person attacking her can be hurt by fire they will have a hard time getting to her first. While Charlie can control her abilities when she is calm, when she becomes upset / angry / aroused her powers become more difficult to control and she can lash out accidently.
Also Charlie secretly enjoys her power and feels tempted to use it more than she should but she often feels guilty about using her powers as well since she was taught by her father that doing so was bad.

Bio: In 1979 nine college students took part in an experiment where they were injected with an drug called Lot Six. This drug caused advanced psychic abilities to develop in the test subjects, often having an adverse reaction. One student died shortly after he was given the drug due to self inflicted injuries. The following year three more subjects commited suicide and another was commited to an asylum. Two of the surviving subects, Andrew "Andy" McGee and Victoria Parkston were married a year after the experiment, nine months later Victoria gave birth to Charlene, a.k.a Charlie, a.k.a The Firestarter.

Within months it was obvious that the child had inherited the effects of Lot Six and was a pyro-kinetic. There has also been evidence that the child has developed telekinetic ablilities much like that of Victoria McGee. It is unknown if she has also inheritiated her father's, Andy McGee's, telepathic abilities as well.

When Charlie was five an attempt was made to bring her into the custody of System Incoporation. The attempt failed, resulting in the death of Victoria McGee. Andy McGee took Charlie and for several months lived in hiding at Mansfield farm. They were finally tracked down to this location and a confrontation took place which became later known as the Mansfield Farm disaster. Several agents of System Incoporation were killed, two suffered servere 3rd degree burns on 60% of their bodies. It was at this point the Incoporation became aware of the magnitude of Charlie's abilities.

Another attempt at capture was made by agent John Rainbird, which turned out successful. For five months Charlie was held captive at The Shop, a labartory run by Sytem Incoporation to explore the possiblity of psychic warfare. Charlie was given the codename The Firestarter and subjected to intense testing of her abilities. The only person allowed prolong contact with the Firestarter was agent John Rainbird who gained the child's trust and was able to manipulate her in accodance to the experiments. However, Rainbird made the mistake of killing Andy McGee in front of Charlie, resulting in her releasing her powers upon the facility with only Rainbird managing to survive.

For seventeen years it was believed that Charlie had been killed in the fire that destroyed the Shop. However new evidence emgerges that the Firestarter has indeed survived. Using one Vincent Soafz to locate Charlie, John Rainbird attempts to lure Charlie back to him and in failing that launches an attack on her with the results of Lot 23.

Other notes: When using her pyro-kinetic abilities Charlie's skin takes on a glowing apperance much like the glow of flames.

Note: I do not own Firestarter, this isn't real or related to the franchise.