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Fire. Hot searing life force or deadly destroyer, either way it never did me any good. Sometimes it felt as if the power could burst right through my skin, as if I could light the whole world on fire. What a joke, the only thing my abilities have ever brought me is trouble and pain. Still I push onward, trying to have some sort of normal life, even if it isn’t exactly honest. But as my daddy use to tell me, "Honesty won’t do you any good if you’re dead".

Sometimes I miss him so much. Him and mom. I wish....
I wish too many things I think.

Work again today. At least it's some routine and I'm lucky to have a job otherwise I'd be resorting to using my powers to jack phone booths for change....again.
Sometimes I wonder what dad was thinking. Maybe he wasn't. After all who could really think when they're running for there lives.
Listen to me, being all melancholy. Jesus.
I'm alive and I'm free, isn't that enough ?
Sometimes...other times I wish I could just be near people without having to fear that talking to them is going to lead the Shop straight to me. Hell, I wish I could just be near people without having to worry about setting them on fire.

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