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I drew a heart around the name of your city. [entries|friends|calendar]

I drew a heart around the name of your city
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February 3rd, 2005]
NEW JOURNAL. im over the scenester underscore. this one is for keeps. word
i already added you if youre on my friends list right now add that shit back.

OH and by the way, I bought two tickets to the taste of chaos tour cause I thought hhll was playing so does anybody need one?

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January 20th, 2005]
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January 8th, 2005]
[ mood | blank ]

So how do i do normal
The smile i fake - the permanent wave of
Cue cards and fix it kits
Can't you tell - i'm not myself

I'm a slow motion accident
Lost in coffee rings - and fingerprints
I don't - wanna feel - anything
But i do
And it all comes back to you

7 months.
Who would have known

I love you Steven

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September 7th, 2004]

A memory,
or just the feeling that no matter what I do, you're with me,
in my mind and in my heart.
You're a part of me,
and there is nothing we can do to change that.
You're a part of me.
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