You must be at a tremendous discount just now

I'm posting this mostly for carbon_scoring, to remind her that the store in Assembly Square has a huge Lion Brand selection, and for craftygryphon, because she claims she has self control (and I'm evil, 'cause I don't believe her).

Anyone else who buys yarn from AC Moore, pretend I mentioned you, too. :-)

Also, the annual Super Bowl Sale at my local yarn store (Ewe'll Love It in Nashua) is on, yet again. The link is down right now, but they say it'll be back up soon. The sale is Saturday Feb. 3: 30% off from 10-2, 35% off from 2-5, and Sunday Feb. 4 is 40% off from noon-4pm. Yarn and kits only.

That is all.

Thy power is naught

No, we didn't escape the ice storm unscathed, either.

The power flickered all day Monday. About 2:30am Tuesday morning, it went off for good. That was okay, if only a little annoying that it happened at night. We have way too many UPSes, all of which beep. The woodstove handles the heat issue, no problem. Machines were shut down, and the beeping silenced. Water was extracted from the tank for use later. Back to bed.

Tuesday, we spent the day stoking the stove, moving wood, and clearing the driveway. And then I went to start the generator, so the fridge wouldn't contain spoiled food.

It's really a good idea to check out the generator before filling it with gas. For example, checking to see if the pull cord will even turn the motor. I'll try that next time, to prevent having to find a siphon to get the gas back out of a seized generator.

Still, not really a problem. We picked up a small generator on sale at the Christmas Tree Shops last summer. It hadn't even been unpacked yet. It's 1000 watts; that should be enough to run the fridge. Hmm... Can't find the fridge manual, or a label. Found a service manual glued to the back of the fridge (man, it's dusty back there). Compressor, icemaker, defroster all add up to about 800 watts. That ought to be enough.

Except that one reason the generator was so cheap is that it is a two-stroke model. This means it needs oil added to the gas. A lot of oil, compared with our other two-stroke engines. I'll have to mix a new batch. I dig around for a small gas can, find the right oil, and triumphantly announce to bearly_here that we're ready to go!

And the power comes back on.