September 1st, 2008


Ben venuti

Well, that was a little surprise. Had a garage sale on Saturday, and bearly_here spent most of it sitting in a chair. As we were cleaning up, she told me to pack up quickly. Apparently, her water had broken.

Headed to the hospital for a checkup, and they tried to admit us. Since contractions hadn't started, we opted to go back home and wait, which wasn't long in coming. We headed back at about 4:00am, and had a relatively quick labor.

At 1:54pm on Sunday, August 31, 2008, Benjamin Richard Jedlinsky arrived. He was 6.5 pounds, 19.5 inches long. Just over a month shy of his due date.

The Kodaks do their best

Okay, so one or two of you expressed a desire to see photographic proof, no doubt suspecting we're still perpetuating an April Fool's joke.

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For those of you who think I'm just really good with my Photoshop-fu, may I remind you that I are an engineer, not a graphic designer.