holidays hoohoo

Hiya world!

I'm going on HOLIDAYS!!!!!IN A CAMPER VAN!!(pictured!)we r going 2 start in calais, going from there to south east france, northern italy, slovenia, austria n germany. if anyone knows of a cool place in that route please let me know!!!!carcassone(pic) & eltzburg(pic) are al;rady in the plan. thanxxxxxxx

                                                                le petite Lilithe



Galiciaaaaaaaaaaaaaa here we gooo

I very proud to announce that their Dark Majesties Queen Orlando and Queen Lilith are arriving to Galician lands on the 18th of December...We'll appreciate if ppl comes to Sta Catalina square at 10-11 pm!!Please do bring illegal substances.I found a pic of me in a photographer's webpage, i think i should be paid for it, but i'm looking not very good on it, so i'll not going to sue...(i was kinda chubby)


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wicked weekend, new cruxshadows cd

Orlando sent me a mail three weeks ago asking me to go to Tenebrae with him...and to have mdma!!I thought it was a very weird idea cause i don't fancy being in mdma while I'm listening to The Cure! I went to have dinner at his (3 hours trip to High Barnet!)and we headed 4 Gossips.He agreed with me abot the mdma so we just drank and have poppers at the dancefloor... We met Andy Sex Gang, from Sex Gang Children!!! Siouxie Sioux said in a interview 4 "Details":

" ...there was one band called Sex Gang Children who dressed in a very similar fashion to Bauhaus and Specimen. A load of us used to hang out with their singer, Andy Sex Gang. He lived on the top floor of an old victorian house.We'd go up there for tea, and he'd be in a chinese robe with black eye make up and his hair all done up, playing Edith Piaf albums with fifteen TVs turned on.We had this vision of him as "Count Visigoth" in his tower, holding court. At the time, Dave Dorrel heard us calling Andy "Count Visigoth" and his followers "goths", so that's what he called everyone in the scene..."

So, there is a little bit of history  4 you,boys and girls...I have to admit that I never was a big fan of Sex gang Children but was quite interesting to meet him. He was talking mostly with Orlando coz I was chatting to 2 spanish girls I met that night.

And  on Sunday I got the "Ethernaut" .At least!!I think it's quite o.k.

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i opened one live journal...i can't believe it! i said i would never do it. But it is a cold friday morning, i'm bored and ill...I got salmonella last saturday and i'm still feeling sick, i can't eat proper food and worse...I can't drink!!!(alcohol, obviously)i should be doing work for art class but i feel too tired for creative things,maybe coz i just drank one miserable cup of tea at sucks!i entertained myself with the happy tree friends for a while, but i had watched them all already...any idea?
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