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there is a hummingbird on my back

and she's trying to sing

rachel marie
13 May
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fly me to the moon

the diary for a star to be.
feel free to read on. I don't know if I'll interest you. I say a lot. whether you'll hear it is entirely up to you. all of my posts are public, but I'd appreciate it -- if you read -- if you would friend me so that I might have some idea of who is reading my journal.

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"black girl in paris", acting, chains and pearls, chelsea, chiffon and satin, collaging composition notebooks, elle, elle magazine, film, galleries, hemingway, indie movie houses, interviews, james baldwin, jazz, l'etoile, lemonade and croissants, letters, magazine spreads, movies, n.e.r.d., needless romanticism, october and may, paris when i'm dreaming, peppermint patty, photography, pineapple, quirky romantic comedies, snapple, soundtracks and scores, stories, the lost generation, the met, the oscars, the west village, vanity fair, vince guaraldi trio, vogue, watermelon, you, ze silver ballet flats