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Can you see?

It is the Fourth of July.

Alan Johnston is alive, and home.
The American media has made little to no news of this.
Johnston's dad said that there may or may not be a party, "he's not really a party chap". Really, I think only the Brits could have handled this situation. Way to show some solidarity, American media.

Bush pardoned Scooter Libby.

Today on the Brian Laher show a number of people actually said "I'd be independent but ... [there's no power/you can't get things done/etc]".

Bloomberg is independent.
Personally, I think he's just working to get more paragraphs in history books than Guiliani.

So let's see - we have a pro-choice Brooklyn Republican, a New England/New York Jew, a Southern belle-turned-New Yorker-former-first-lady, a black (-Irish) man, a Morman, and a gay-marriage-declining Democrat who all want to be president?

Maybe America's finally showing her colors.