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Keep adding stone.

I'm having education-withdrawal. I miss my kids.

I'm trying to believe, to understand, that what I do ("art") is necessary, valuable. That it benefits. Someone. Besides myself. You know?

My installation piece is cutting through red tape, and I want to think, this represents something! A part of a whole - a big whole! The fight for public art! The barriers! All ! These ! Exclamation ! Points !

but does it?

All of the sudden, everything I do is really connecting, and I realize as an educator, academic, artist, person I'm concerned most with people's access to art. It matters, doesn't it? Isn't it all part of something bigger - this bigger inter/outerplay?

Some people go their whole lives
without ever writing a single poem.
Extraordinary people who don't hesitate
to cut somebody's heart or skull open.
They go to baseball games with the greatest of ease.
and play a few rounds of golf as if it were nothing.
These same people stroll into a church
as if that were a natural part of life.
Investing money is second nature to them.
They contribute to political campaigns
that have absolutely no poetry in them
and promise none for the future. ...
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