Tags: fall/summer 2007


Something to rely on ... Somewhere to begin ...

Why my life is wickedly entertaining: 

+ writing a thesis paper titled "eve was framed" 

+ finding great outfits at a thrift store and wearing them within two days of buying them.

+ writing grants and producing for a university dance department

+ asst producing regional drama

+ choreographing an apple dance for a hunger festival

+ dancing in greenwood cemetary with martha bowers

+ partnering workshops with lynn neumann

+ performing for nyc fashion week

+ nyc fashion week after parties

+ bartending in the east village

+30something academics and lawyers, 20something filmmakers (reality tv move over)

+ hilarie and matts wedding! 

i can't believe how much work i'm swimming in. (every dance, every project comes with budgeting, proposals, rehearsals, the actual work, space, people, etc etc)
but its really wonderful to say i'm a professional choreographer/dancer/producer. its really good to know that i've at least kept one promise i made to myself (to do what i love). 

my head is just swimming. 
thank goodness for coffee!

oh yeah, and i'm trying to figure out when i can go to germany to visit a dear friend who's doing arts development and singing there. just so i can take a weekend in paris. BECAUSE ITS ABOUT TIME. 

and emily for today:

I dwell in Possibility ---
A fairer House than Prose---
More numerous of Windows---
Superior---for Doors---

Of Chambers as the Cedars---
Impregnable of Eye---
And for an Everlasting Roof
The Gambrels of the Sky---

Of Visitors---the fairest---
For Occupation---This---
The spreading wide my narrow Hands
To gather Paradise---

[Emily Dickinson].