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For every heartache I feel I may endure, I take on a project. I am feeling so oversaturated emotionally, I can only work. Anything else would be dangerous. This is more for me to help organize my head: 

+ Monday: get angels costumes set; laundry; write reviews for possible critic job
+ Tuesday: Da Vinci paper due 
+ Wednesday: prop run for HorrorFest show "The Pedicure". Apparently I'm prop master/ad something? I was almost cast in it ... without auditioning ... without knowing about it. Haha. What? 
+ Thursday: AEB grant app due [money for the duet i'm choreographing]
+ Friday: first lecdem performance; (attending) panel discussion at City Center with Wendy Perron and Christopher Wheeldon and other dancer folk
+ Saturday: Angels and Accordians Performance. 
+ Sunday: last modeling sessions before jane's show. 

Next week:
+ more prop runs
+ Hilarie and Matt's wedding!!! 
+ Rocky benefir rehearsals start 
+ Finish Eve (the big paper) and send 'er in

+ Rocky Horror benefit concert (producing/choreographing/performing)
+ Legacy Concert meetings (asst producing/outreach/etc)
+ midterms 
+ other papers

Crazy girl. I know. 
Anf Globesity gave me a performance slot ... I can't figure out if it would be wrong to take it because I haven't done anything in regards to the festival in weeks, I assumed I was out. But my name is on the list ... I'm very tempted to do a solo called "Fruit of Thy Womb" ..... jokingly but in that poignant way --- Would it be wrong of me to take that slot? Would it be stupid because of all the other stuff I have going on? 

Come by my bar Wednesday and tell me ... haha. 
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 mid-september apple cider 
union square
a couple speaking their native
slavic tongue hear japanese
for the first time and feel 
frightened and at home 

the former citizens of tent city
set up camp on new wooden 
benches, cassette tapes of the
blues play while they speak in tongues
a young man in a red vest

hands out a packet that reads
prayer changes things, but passes
over the jingling coffee cup
all the while 

a child has climbed
a tree, sits there reading
writing, listening

the city of men and the 
city of god are not such 
distant destinations

prada bags, tibetan bowls,
coin coffee cups, ella fitzgerald
out of a 1986 stereo and the 
mumblings, prophecies of ave b's
evictees play in a cage symphony
   salvation is like luck, 
   dictated by the weather, 
   which ties the hands of god. 


super first draft.
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