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To Dance - no way to make a living ...?

This may feel good ...


+ March 3rd; Art for Progress Benefit. Performance arty stuff.

+ March 8th; Walls, Boundries and Borders. Lymarie's work.

+ March 22-31; Site Specific Round One goes up. my schtuff.

+ March 29-31; the big Kaye show. Laura's work.

+ sometime in early April; possible W. African Performance thing

+ some other time in April; Site Specific Round Two.

+ April 14; Raw @ DNA. Lymarie's work. (holyshit DNA).

+ April 18; Fieldday. Collaborating with a friend.

+ May 2-5; Site Specific Round Three.

+ May 2-5; May show. Lymarie's work, another collaboration.

+ May 19; Dance Parade. producing and celebrating.

That's not counting deadlines for applications that are mostly this and next month. Summer hopes/plans.

And oh yeah,
Dance Teacher Magazine is covering the parade. And wants my photo.

I don't even know how all this happened. I just hope it keeps happening.

If you're in New York, come see some dance.