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Saw the Earth and I Saw the Skies

1/18/08 09:40 am - Good morning, starshine ...

Is it possible that, aside from the fact that I gave Bret most of the coffee of the pot and now need to brew another, things are alright? Good even? 

Last night came ... and went. Wonderfully, I think. Laura and I have yet to de-brief, but after much worry and fear of pissing off the Moby-look-alike owner of the venue (I reasoned out he's just always stressed) -- I think we can call a good success. Attendance was low, as to be expected on a rainy/snowy Thursday night on a dark street in Williamsburg. My god, sounds like the beginning of a nouvelle noir or something. Anyway, we didn't pack the room, but we had a good showing. Frank and Allison who run Art for Progress, an artists network/not for profit that I am a part of and have been very much in love with since, well, I first found them, came out. And loved it. And Allison wants us to perform for fashion week - she loved the Newspaper Suites and wants them and was talking about all this installation work for a fashion show, I'm thrilled that she liked what I put together. She's a fantastic designer, and her and Frank are wonderful organizers ... 

It was a marvelous display of networking too! Bret and I met at an Art for Progress event (bless the Hamptons)/ I met Erica Quitzow and Gary and their bands at an AFP event that Bret and I both worked // Quitzow played last night, Bret, Frank and Allison were there. It was fantastic. Erica loves dance, and loved that she got to be part of a show with dance. Then, her and Gary asked me to dance at their West Coast tour kickoff party at Mercury Lounge. Can we say awesome? 

So, money wise we're okay. If the Valentines day fundraiser goes up, we'll be great. We have enough to file with the Field, and possibly open our account. Then I need to get schooled in not-for-profit management. 

But ... its real. And my dress was fantastic, finally a reason for my $80 Miss Sixties splurge from my skinny days this summer. 


 And we came home, to Brooklyn last night. And we slept so well and I woke up this morning to so much love and I keep thinking when I look at him, this is it, oh wow, this is it. And I'd be more scared if it weren't for the fact that he was amazing last night and gave me great feedback this morning. So we have our morning, I send him out with coffee, he's ten minutes away from work here and my bed is a big lovely. And for the first morning in a long time, I realize who I am. 

Today, I get groceries, I clean, I have a massage appointment and then run to teaching. I may see a friend who teaches at the high school I work at, I may come home and work on an article, work on the company.  

It was wonderful to leave my bar and say to everyone, I'm starting a company. And then I did. 

12/17/07 05:51 pm - My man and his sorbet ...

(Hopefully this works) The Wall Street Journal just covered the sorbet ... the one with the beard would be the love of my life .. ps that snazzy collage? that's right, made by yours truly, his christmas gift last year. because i'm awesome and clearly can see what is needed for the future ... haha


12/17/07 05:48 pm - A magically recovered post from .... last week?

An entry in Lizz-format. Because she's awesome. 

- - - triple minus of the week, the lil venue in the west village my company had a monthly gig at for benefits was apparently sold and everything is off until furth notice. what the fuck? i'm trying not to think about the loss of security/MONEY this means. trying very hard. 

+ + If all the seats are filled at our January fundraiser, we'll be able to pull in a good amount of money. I finally have a reason to wear a dress I bought this summer for way too much money too, which is exciting. 

+ Leonardo da Vinci seminar is officially over. 
++ I made a bunch of friends while suffering through this -- it began with three of us meeting at a pub local to Hunter before class and grew to almost half the class attending. These people are marvelous people who work so hard -- I mean, we're talking people who work over 40 hours a week and then attend school full time. And sit through awful seminars like this one. Marvelous people. We're all going out to dinner next week and are working to go to the Met together. 

+ Tomorrow is my last day at the arts center. 

- have yet to start on the bob holman article. too stressed.

- - -  officially completely broke on account of rent, christmas presents and overpriced food on the upper east side. 

+ trader joes

- trader joes lines. 

- - still working at the sly fox, waiting, hoping that 82 will magically hire me one day. 

- - - Bret leaves for California sans me tomorrow morning. 
+ only four days, he'll be back Monday. 
- - "California sans me" I just want out of New York for a little bit. California sounds nice.  
+ + Bret's dad included me on the holiday card. 

+ the plan for the next hour or so is to put on love actually and make out my holiday cards. 

That's my lizz entry!

11/29/07 12:02 pm - Hmmm ... Narcissism?

Photobucket Album

10/15/07 08:26 am

Hilarie and Matt's wedding was the best wedding Ever. 



I have real things to say, but I needed to say that. 
Oh, and this: 

Table One, Lots of Fun -- um comment + add if you were part of the experience. Haha. 

10/1/07 10:00 am

For every heartache I feel I may endure, I take on a project. I am feeling so oversaturated emotionally, I can only work. Anything else would be dangerous. This is more for me to help organize my head: 

+ Monday: get angels costumes set; laundry; write reviews for possible critic job
+ Tuesday: Da Vinci paper due 
+ Wednesday: prop run for HorrorFest show "The Pedicure". Apparently I'm prop master/ad something? I was almost cast in it ... without auditioning ... without knowing about it. Haha. What? 
+ Thursday: AEB grant app due [money for the duet i'm choreographing]
+ Friday: first lecdem performance; (attending) panel discussion at City Center with Wendy Perron and Christopher Wheeldon and other dancer folk
+ Saturday: Angels and Accordians Performance. 
+ Sunday: last modeling sessions before jane's show. 

Next week:
+ more prop runs
+ Hilarie and Matt's wedding!!! 
+ Rocky benefir rehearsals start 
+ Finish Eve (the big paper) and send 'er in

+ Rocky Horror benefit concert (producing/choreographing/performing)
+ Legacy Concert meetings (asst producing/outreach/etc)
+ midterms 
+ other papers

Crazy girl. I know. 
Anf Globesity gave me a performance slot ... I can't figure out if it would be wrong to take it because I haven't done anything in regards to the festival in weeks, I assumed I was out. But my name is on the list ... I'm very tempted to do a solo called "Fruit of Thy Womb" ..... jokingly but in that poignant way --- Would it be wrong of me to take that slot? Would it be stupid because of all the other stuff I have going on? 

Come by my bar Wednesday and tell me ... haha. 

9/26/07 09:41 am

i will come to you 
this week and ask 
you for three reasons
i should still love you
or care for you or even 
think about you

one, two, three

and when you can't give
them to me, i will know
that i have written my last
poem about you. 


she thought they should 
be more postmodern 
in their love, so they 
did it in the road; not
as daring as one would
hope, it was 2:30am 
Scranton, Pennsylvania
on a foggy Wednesday
in August, the bars were closed,
school hadn't opened, families
were on vacation in the 
Berkshires, she said that made it
intimate like Cummings, he said 
that made it lonely. 



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