July 6th, 2006


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I don't know if I posted this revision yet, but I'd like some new feedback, I think .. it's done? (if any art is ever done!)



wane: the period of the decrease of the moon's illuminated visible surface; a defective edge of a board caused by remaining bark or a beveled end.

your half moon fingers
graze the edge of
this porcelain case:

we are fabled to be
made of marble, but
a darker purity
lies in our mold.

the orchard lies
hidden, like some
forgotten menagerie.

glass apples,
glossed over
with an iridescent gaze:
the illusion of paradise.
a soft scent of apothecaries
the sweetest poisons
are coated over in
pitiful beauty.

your iron claw branch
reached through the strings,
plucked, arched, sanded down
these dimensions
to a single space existence.

flattened as if by stone,
the trees cower
beneath the weight of
their vial fruits -
the branches arch
unwillingly to the ground.

these fairytales,
your reasons compiling upon
these rubber grounds,
your finger to my heart, arching unwillingly,
an acute angle,
spilling enlightenment
over these roads,
nearly gnarled,
forgone by craft.

i will meet you
in these lost corners
when our china faces
bend the light in
some twisting of,
some dancing with
those unmasked, unspoken parables
tales of how we were,
how we could have been.



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Introductions, or Upon Meeting

when he puts out
his hand,
you retrieve as
such -
you want to shake firmly
but not too firmly,
you out not frighten him
you want to shake softly,
but not too softly,
as you want it to be known
you stand your ground
despite your high heels.

this is how you make
a first impression,
balance your truths
with white mysteries,
(don't call them lies
until you have deleted
the ifs and the coulds,
the woulds and the maybes
from the conversations
you haven't had yet).

this is how you slide
smoothly through the
first moments,
knowing you are
smarter and paid less
or better read
and underrated.

don't mention your published
unless cosmo has deemed it
mind your lipstick prints
and nail shape,
don't let on that you
secretly enjoy power-
tools in your hands,
gas petals beneath
your feet -

hands are for rings,
feet are for heels.

this is how you
master the initial
moments -
don't worry about
the game or what time
the library closed,
certainly not about the
or the courts final ruling.
assure yourself that
those things will pass
like sand through your fingers,
hold tighter instead to the
solid ivory tower and be sure
to cross your ankles.


i want to lose the library line, replace it with something with a little more weight or sting ... hmmm this needs some work, but has some potential methinks.
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Dance Jobs

I am currently jobless, living gig-to-gig and that's not enough, and tired of sending out my resume. I have this funny feeling I'm over and under qualified for much of anything steady outside of waitressing.

The New York dream!

Really though, it's a sick joke that the only dancing that pays here
is of the lap/exotic/pole genre.

God (the old white man in the sky no doubt): Haha, silly woman! That is what you get for having morals.

Pole and strip-dance classes are pretty hot right now and pay well. I am tempted to learn this art. Somehow though, I don't think that would help me keep my jobs with children.

My educational resume reading:

blah blah high school.
blah blah middle and senior high school.
Modern dance classes and this-and-that studio.
Cardio-striptease and pole dancing at the money-making studio.

When asked in my next youth theater interview about it, I'd simply reply, It's a feminist thing, empowering women, giving them full reign over their bodies.


Sigh. Anybody have a patron or steady job for me?

On with the search.

let's open up a restaurant in santa fe, and leave this to the roaches and mice ... [rent]
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