June 25th, 2006


Sea-side, part I

walking on glass eggshells
you promised nothing in return
save some minor reflection,
some diminished reminder
of the bigger picture
whose guilded frame
lost its
silver sliver shimmer.

all that glitters is gold
in the end,
while we, lost in
those graves of glass,
forsake our simple reality
-- our reflectionary faces
lying to escape
our rusted hands,
our bloodstained shoulders
our guilded existence,
manipulating itself
burying itself
you promised nothing in return.


Sea-side, part II

exist only this once,
it was a moment:
framing our translucent selves,
like attempting to capture
the siren's song in a
shell --
the sea's breath, like
a child's
will only sing to you
a secret misplaced
or perhaps broken,
stolen, in any way
when the coral's
pink skeleton
still danced upon the sand, -

so you become
like the sea,
locked by land,
forsaken by sentiment

while i linger,
a sky meeting
your horizon
in an endless line
of transparency,
a curved spine.


i am attached to that middle section and the sky/sea thing, but feel like there may be room for growth in both of these ... hmmm

Haphazardly strung together ...

i don't know why god insists on saving me, but she does and i'm grateful for it - makes me think maybe there is something to the golden rule, to karma, to some kind of cycle to the good we do. not that everything is planted before us, but i feel like i crashed and landed myself this weekend into the most positive pool of energy i've been in for some time.

went out to coney island and met up with jon, mermaided all weekend long basically, just hanging and being, meeting some fabulous people, just going and every once in a while i'd catch myself, tap myself on the shoulder in the middle of a friendly bar or conversation and go, "hey, yeah, its you here."

i decided last week to spend my last "paycheck" (aka not big enough wad of cash) on what my beautiful friend kristen has termed, retail therapy. normally, i am not one for such. however, i don't usually shop. groceries are about it. so i went to mark morris and bought myself a ten class card, determined to be physically prepared not only for my own teaching, but also for UBW which is probably going to kick my sorry postmodern butt anyway ... onward to st marks where i purchase a lovely pokadotted dress, perfect for swing dancing, dancing in the park and perhaps some outdoor jazz .. as well as a corset top dress, which will most likely become a costume for a solo piece ... and, my mermaid skirt. pink and long and frilly, in a peasanty way. it flows and it was love at first sight. happened to match my plaid bathing suit.

the parade was fabulous, just a marvelous gathering of beautiful people with beautiful body paint and ridiculous costumes. jon knew a group of mermaids and i ended up knowing people too, just a great day. the rain stopped just for the parade, but just as the last of the fruits were thrown into the atlantic, it down poured. and continued to do so. everyone scattered to the boardwalk bars and canopies, makeup running everywhere, it was quite the sight. jon and i walked back in the pouring rain, and ended up making me a new dress (my clothes were still drying this morning) out of fabric on his couch. quite a lovely halter dress if you ask me ... then we hung out with some mermaids and then we headed to an engagement party in park slope and enjoyed the hipsters and more importantly, his friends from north carolina. marvelous people, including a short man named franklin who apparently lives in a short house! he's a short (no pun intended) story waiting to be written, i swear. spent most of the evening with ben and pregnant-with-number-three-emily, who are wonderful, and her friend missy who lives in the east village. we landed there, but had to take the long subway ride back to coney island as my keys were in jons place. all over the place, so great to just be going and doing, i don't have photos, but i'll be sure to acquire some.

just so much positive energy, it was like some falling into some safety net.

this is just a quick update, didn't want you to think that i was drowning in self-pity/anger, just such a frustrating week, such a frustrating thing to weather things out sometimes, but hey, that rainbow story has something to it ... in this case though, i'll take the beautiful rain we had!

Maybe this says it better than I ever will:

And forget not that that
earth delights to feel
your bare feet and the
winds long to play
with your hair.

-The Prophet.

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