Miss Rice (_onlysky_) wrote,
Miss Rice

Luigi & Judith

The elders are becoming ancestors.

Amidst the tiny, hard factions
that exist amongst us
between uptown and down,
between spit-shining the
fourth wall and blowing it up
(perhaps without the walls,
the damn glass ceiling will
come down),
between the elegance of
a fourth position lunge
and the erratic ecstasy
of deconstructed dervishes,
long, curvy Broadway connects
the despondant tribes
of our ever gentrifying city.

There are so many revolutions to choose from:

And when you are young and lost,
nothing is better than the elders of convictions
fighting for your mind and body; nothing is better than
doing it all; nothing is better than believing that none
of it will ever end or change.

Leading with the elbow, breaking through
with the raised fist - cracking open
the heart is the only way to get anything
done no matter where you are
no matter what manifesto you
are proslytizing today -
The instructions left are clear:
chest open, chin up, put the good side
into the bad side, tremble, sweat,
never stop moving, tremble, your whole
life is a rehearsal, never stop, moving,
for the moment you are in now, good into
the bad, never stop moving - the only way
to keep the beautiful revolution
alive. Tremble. Shimmer.

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