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Sometimes, email blasts make me feel a little awesome ...

Hello friends,
Well, March is coming in like a lion ... Below are some updates and dates to be saved. There's something in here for everyone, so come out to what you can and support some good art!
+ The Mixer Series had a fabulous kick off earlier in the month. So fabulous that we'll be mixing up performance artists again in April at the Bowery Poetry Club, where we really do feel at home. Many thanks go out to The Project for their music and their willingness to work with crazy dancers. Our soloists all came in with great material and seized their moments. Our poets delivered beautifully; we found some really beautiful matches in the night. We're looking to build this into a regular series with new artists each round.
Dates dates dates ....
+ March 6,7,8,9 7:30pm/5pm: Barbara Mahler appears in SOAKING WET, curated by David Parker at the West End Theater. Those names alone tell you why you should go!
+ March 7,8, 14, 15 8pm: Anything Goes! presented by the Darby Players of Chaminade High School. I'm proud to say that the majority of my kids can single time-step and learned a little bit about the 1920s, Cole Porter and all his tricks. Tickets are $5. If you are on Long Island, please consider supporting these kids, they've worked hard and it should be a great rendition of a classic.
+ March 10, 24: We Three Productions Biweekly Reading at the Telephone Bar. this is a wonderful series, and its FREE. email telreadings@gmail.com to get on their list!
+ March 14, 15 8pm: Sharing the Legacy Series presented by the Hunter College Dance Program. Kaye Playhouse (E68th between Lex and Park Aves). These performances are part of a conference series held every other year at Hunter College that focuses on dance history and repretory. This year 11 colleges from across the country are coming to perform and participate in the conference. Tickets are $10, $5 students and seniors, free for Hunter students w/ID. 
+ March 15th, 7:30pm-2:00am: Clash of the Artists! 320 Studios, 320 West 37th Street (between 8th & 9th Ave.) Art for Progress' annual event that brings out the best in emerging art, sound, film and fashion. These are artists who know how to party. Join the fun! www.artforprogress.org (proud member by the by)
+ March 17 and 18, 8pm: Niles Ford/Urban Dance Collective at Dixon Place. Witness the power. www.dixonplace.org, www.nilesfordudc.com
+ March 20-22, 27-29, 8pm: If You See Something ... Artichoke Dance Company at Dixon Place! Artichoke is guarenteed to steal your heart as they have mine, if you haven't seen them yet, do yourself the favour and see them in this great space. Lynn even documented her work for this piece! www.artichokedance.org
+ April 3-5, 8pm: Hunter College Dance Company's Formal Spring Concert. Kaye Playhouse (68th between Lex and Park Aves). New works plus repertory from Susan Marshall, Blondell Cummings and Mark Morris on the Company. $10, $5 for students and seniors, free for Hunter students w/ID.
+ April 10th, 8pm: The Mixer Series continues!!! Bowery Poetry Club (Bowery between Bleecker and Houston). New sounds, new sites and the ultimate testing of the Chance theory. And a great bar. Really, what more could you want? Oh yeah, that's right, I host ;) a whole $3 donation. www.myspace.com/publicactsofdecency 
How, you may ask is she going to get to all these things? I don't know, but it'll be interesting ... I've had the honor of working on the majority of these shows in one capacity or another, or I've previously worked with the artists. Everything is guarenteed to be a great experience. Explore those links instead of myspace or youtube today and check out what's going on.
Finally, if you are an artist eager to work with someone who sends out an email with so many wonderful dates ... or you just want to perform at the Bowery Poetry Club, email us at publicactsofdecency@yahoo.com -- Submit some materials, a bio and contact info so we can throw you in the mixer!
Thank you everyone for your support -- keep coming, keep going, I look forward to seeing you soon!
Stay warm!


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