Miss Rice (_onlysky_) wrote,
Miss Rice

Grassrootsing It ...

Hello friends,

This is your reminder to come out this Wednesday night to Public Acts of Decency's first Mixer of 2008 at the Bowery Poetry Club. The doors open at 7:30pm, show goes 8-9:30pm, bar is open til 10pm. Admission is $3 which benefits your favourite company (us, PaOD), we're asking you to booze up a bit too (read: drink minimum). We believe its in the spirit ...

Public Acts of Deceny present
The Mixer Series!
Wed, February 13th
doors 7:30pm/Show 8pm
$3 + drinks

Featuring ... the sounds of The Project, the words of Melissa West, Dan Lau, the movements of Elesea Douglas, Gavin Alexander and more!

Come out and play!
See you Wednesday!


+ Myspace show and bulletin
+Facebook group and Event
+ Email blast
+ Livejournal
+ Blogspot. 
+ Flyers
+ Announcements to large groups of people

I think I've done all I can. I'm exhausted and broke and praying that this happening happens. 


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