Miss Rice (_onlysky_) wrote,
Miss Rice


after saying i'd leave,
i turn back in the hallway, 
put down my bags and
stand in the doorway as if 
awaiting an earthquake.

i have one more word, 
i think, i know i have more
to say, more inside me than 
the relentless dribble of an argument 
i had just laid out, but wanting to 
preserve the silence, i 
abandon post and make coffee, 
clean dishes. keep quiet.

that night, my hips cracking 
under the weight of his body, i
look over his shoulder, through 
the fog of our panting breaths and 
see myself in the doorway,
watching, seeing what she saw, 
a woman, inciting her own earthquake.


i havent found the wording for the last two lines. hrm. 
Tags: poetry, summer 07

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