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And suddenly ...

Slowly, but surely coming back into my own self/space/city ...

Seeing Christopher Williams tonight performing at Dixonplace's HOT! festival. There are so many things right and beautiful with that sentance. Something about a good downtowny venue with some juicy work that totally restores my faith in ... life.

Apparently I'm performing at the Oasis Festival presented by/at Chashama .... which is crazy. I just got booked yesterday. I'll be performing a fifteen minute solo titled Strange/Charmed .... probably with an apple, and a chair ... I think? I have the weekend to get a solo together. Because, why should things change gradually?

I was invited to a member's meeting for my friends newly incorporated theater company as they're looking to expand. They're interested in creating a musical theater/childrens theater branch and that's where I come in ...

I have some photo shoots lined up that should expand my book nicely, also introduce me to some not just sit and smile work (aka getting buried in the sand/covered in sushi?) and should put some cash in my pocket. Always a welcomed thing.

Interviewing at a theaterbox office company next week for a job. Sounds like work I can stand doing, mostly computer/booking/customer stuff ... they're apparently a small group of theater people with a number of shifts, like 9am to 11pm, so its flexibleish and ... hey, rarely does working with theater folk go wrong ... (knock on wood).

Click those links. Come see me dance. It'll be interesting .. that's for sure.
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