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Project Betterment is underway ... also known as cleaning up, clearing out and redoing my life a bit so as to recover fully from all this illness.

So far this has included:

+ one fabulous designer dress [for the wedding]. it is sunset-y, with a fishtail, i have beautiful accessories, and it is from a local designer. i went into the boutique and felt wonderful, the stylist there had me trying on everything! and i loved all of it. but this dress! its a good dress.

+ one natural manicure. from the salon up the block that uses all this earth friendly stuff.

+ one rockstar haircut. i actually got my hair cut. and styled. i love it.

+ three new pieces of furniture: one bookcase (ah, my books), one storage unit for the re-arranged living/kitchen space, one coffee table with excellent storage.

+ more furniture in the future: a donated loveseat/couch; a slightly used dresser; my old desk; possibly a new bed.

+ accepting that i want to, can write. i've started some projects, found solace in the keyboard, the pen, words.

+ knowing i can and will dance again.

+ new music.

+ my literature thesis on Eve in Paradise Lost/the Bible.

And now, I got to having a glass of shiraz and going through my books. Mmmm ...

Reader, it seemed only natural
that after the difficult
talk, after I wept and walked

in the new dark - I came back, crawled
into bed and turned to fiction,
the way a woman without a home might

shelter in an abandoned building, the way
as a girl I curled around my library
copy of Jane Eyre.

[Donna Masini]
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