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I think I can, I think I can ...

I'm trying to remain positive, and be productive in my own little ways. I've made a cut with all the medications, and decided that I'm never going through this and putting so many chemicals in my body again. Something about most of what (hu)man has made through machines, just doesn't sit right with the body.

I registered for next semester:
+ completing ballet, tues/fri 11-12:30
+ gender of modernism (literature class), tues/fri 12:45-2:00
+ folk dance, tues/fri 2:10-3:30
+ prim evolution genetics and behavior, tues/fri 3:45-5:00. i'm not actually sure what this course is, aside from a physical anthro lecture. but its anthro, so i should like it plenty.
+ leonardo davinci and his times (honors seminar), tues/thurs, 7:00-8:15.
+ rehearsals, etc wed morning
+ dance dept showings, wed 1-3
+ women in culture, sat 9-11
+ idealogy and art (lit/drama class), sat 3-5:30. this is most likely to be dropped.
+ auditing modern mon/thurs morning 9-11

that leaves monday day and night, wednesday night, thursday day, saturday and sunday to work. i may replace idealogy and art with an english independent study and start writing a book or something. sounds like a good idea to me.

i've been able to take incompletes in most of my classes and will finish my work over the summer. thank goodness i'm one of those too-good students that professors trust and also that i'm at the point where i'm just writing papers and putting together portfolios. it makes this easier.

i'm also making small lists of things i can do here, now, to get my life back on track, to feel like i'm actually recovering. straighten my room, put away laundry, organize books, put together a new poetry portfolio, vacuum. i literally haven't had the energy to do these things for the past month. and i say its about time to take back the night. or you know, my apartment.

my cat on the other hand is quite content to have me sit here so she can remain curled up on my lap.

i'm on a new health campaign. i'm going to pick up some milk thistle and dandelion, look into some unrefined coconut oil, find some new ways to get some probiotics in me and continue slathering myself with burts bees res-q ointment. take that pfizer.

i have a black-tie wedding in two weeks. i must look fabulous. or at least healthy.

onward christian solider ...
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