Miss Rice (_onlysky_) wrote,
Miss Rice

surely i have paid the price for love
(what love?)
looking at my unfamiliar self in the mirror
(i ask myself) -
what i really want to do is
ask eve
about that apple
and what the serpent really did to her.

the story never made
all that much sense to me;
if adam really loved her
would his finger go to her
is it just me or do
adam and the serpent resemble each other
just a little ?

so eve, about that apple,
did it taste just as good as adam's?
did you name yourself everywoman
in that instant, did you know
you'd birth a civilization of
sorry serpent men
and the women who crumble
underneath them?
(did anyone ever ask you
what you thought?)
- and please tell me, eve,
that the apple was
red delicious,
that you'd wouldn't go back
to paradise,
not for all the adams
and apples in the world -
i'll swallow my pride
as you did yours,
choke down these apples
and walk away from my home,
with man, his hissing
fingers leading.


Very raw. Have a couple of tangents in my first draft that I cut out, can't really feel out where the focus is yet, I think, but would adore some feedback, as always. Also needs a title.

Tags: fifth season, poetry
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