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Real Life 101 - the summer session

Today i win at the adult game. I rolled out of bed just before eight, having taken a glorious shower last night, did some of my own work, had a cup of tea, took my supplements, made toast for my roommate, got dressed, brushed my hair and flew out the door in a timely manner, with the recyclables and garbage in my hand (already sorted at that).

With my tote bag filled with books and my planner and an organic new zealand apple I headed way in a polka dot dress to a temp job in Chelsea, at an art auction house that deals with illustrations. got an egg sandwich and orange juice, did all the work i could do here in a morning. so with classical music streaming (i'm awaiting the mozart noon block) and norman rockwells about, i'm feeling a little more together, a little more in touch with the world. Well, the "real world" at least.

Strange as it may seem, it's nice to work for someone else for a little bit.

Mondays are quiet. It is me and walt, the founder of the gallery/house. walt is old and hard of hearing, so anytime someone calls and is transferred to him i have to say "Walt is a bit hard of hearing, could you kindly speak up?" And usually that makes people laugh, and apparently I'm very good at answering phones. Blessed with a thorough tongue - and they tell you theater is useless!

My roommate is in from Seattle, so currently her, our cats and I are in my one bedroom and it's making thankful that we are looking for bigger spaces. We saw a gorgeous apartment in Astoria, but the walk to the subway made us wish we had bikes, and for girls who work nightshifts and dance in the mornings, that's not great. Tonight we look in Williamsburg, tomorrow in Prospect Heights, then Long Island City and Lefferts Heights for the rest of the week. Neighborhood is beginning to matter to me, and not just in the immediate ways, I've got this secret fear of being the face of gentrification. I just want to be able to call someplace home for a bit.

Got news that my piece is opening the September Concert at Central Park's Merchant's Gate, which is pretty exciting. Now, if only I had a piece ... it's still in process ... should work out. I'm looking to book up for fall/winter, just open showings and maybe some performance art at some galleries. I have two solo bits I'd like to play around with and my next big project should be getting started after Christmas. In the meantime, I'm getting the basics on some grants and looking to apply for some residencies, and I'm always looking for new schools to teach at ... nothing too too big on the horizon, when the 9/11 piece is rehearsed I'm sure I'll be more enthused about it ... Im submitting some poems for publication and still hoping to pool funds for a chapbook. I have an editor, just need to secure publication stuff. I figure from there I can take the next steps for publishing more work, bigger publications, submissions, etc ... I've realized I'm in no huge rush for this, especially since I'll be wanting to publish academic papers in the near future ... knowing I can get my writing exposed through my performance work has helped relieve me of any big ego-panic attacks. Haha ... ohhhhh .....

... Classes begin next week. I'm looking forward to getting my butt kicked a bit in my writing course and hopefully reading some new literature in my Multicultural lit class ... otherwise it's a lot of rehearsals and practical work .... Lots of meetings with advisers to figure out next steps - fellowships, residencies, grants, blah blah ... Really, I'm just trying to pull the right pieces together at the right time so I can go where I need to go, do what I need to do.

I have a huge project in the very early planning stages that has come out of my work with Urban Bush Women. I'm hoping it'll come to be, I'm very much attached to it and feel like it would ... well, make a difference. If it can't happen through school (which would be a shame because I'd like to use it for thesis work too), then I'll be desperately pooling other resources (contacts, funds, etc) that I have here ... I was just so moved, changed even by the work of one of the women in the Institute that I feel this incredible need to work with, for, and learn from her company ....

Well, I now have the task of deciphering handwriting for letters ... so I leave you with this, compliments of the poetry on the subway:

The sands whispered, Be separate,
The stones taught me, Be hard,
I dance for the joy of surviving
on the edge of the road.

Tags: summer 06
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