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i stood outside the UN
and cried
it was just before midnight
the flags were folded down,
ceremonially arranged in
their resting places,
the top of the Chrystler Building
jaggedly reflected itself in
the dark cubicle windows,
uniform if only for the careless
light breaching forth, disrupting
the flagpole's sleep;
but wouldn't you know
from where i was,
you couldn't see the Chrystler, you
just had to assume that the building
wasn't lying,
that the Chrystler really existed beyond
the other black buildings.

my heart is breaking
for reasons highly publicized
and widely unknown;
truths lifted and folded,
revered prophecies lasting
into the twenty-first century,
an undeclared war on the
state of each union -
the sanctity of space
at risk like the sanctity
of unorhodox marriages,
each to his own but
not like to like.

the broken red light preserved
the idle taxi's wandering
and the iron curtain gates
protecting this most holy of
international grounds clanked and
clinked not so subtley, not so securely,
and opened for a volkswagen,
Hitler's trust vehicle

and I wondered

what is a beetle doing at the UN
at midnight?

the security guard just nodded and i'm
thinking, i'm most at risk in my american complacency.


to be continued. broke that goddamn writers block. thank goddess (and angelo, thank you angelo!)
Tags: fifth season, summer 06
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