Miss Rice (_onlysky_) wrote,
Miss Rice

+ Call super at new apartment re:seeing the place
+ See the apartment   No go. Harlem? Maybe. This whole moving thing is a mess ..
+ Pack up winter stuff / things I won't be using in the next month 
+ Laundry 
+ Get in touch with Union Square Partnership re: Sept 11th performance Not only am I booked to dance in Union Square for the festival, but also Central Park, at the Merchants Gate. It's going to be really incredible - I'm aiming for a 20 minute piece.
+ Schedule meeting with 9/11 dancers In process. Yay.
+ Schedule a schedule for 9/11 rehearsals
+ Start organizing poetry
+ Write at least one poem 
+ Go through and file paperwork 
+ Pilobolus @ the Joyce. 8pm.  Holy moly.
+ Start booking for Fall gigs. 
+ Apply for real-people jobs   In process. Waitressing/hostessing as well as some museum jobs. 
+ Contact composers for music for piece.

So apparently ... I'm a promotional model now. Go on, laugh. But it pays. Whatever, life is ridiculous .... 

In other news, Friday night I saw Pilobolus. And was pretty stunned. Granted, the early 70s contact stuff doesn't always thrill me in terms of content, but that's purely a generational thing ... and the partnering is incredible.  The newer work coming from the company is breathtaking, I was thrilled. But also scared shitless.  Seeing a well-established company like that is as inspiring as it is frightening for probably any contemporary choreographer. It is, or at least seems here, broadly recognized that the hey-day of the permanent company is over. Those that are here still - Graham, Cunningham, Taylor, even Brown, MOMIX and Pilobolus - are sticking around on big donor money and big repertory and on the legs of history. They are history. But what's a dancer to do now? We don't marry companies like they used to. And what's a choreographer to do now? We are forced to recognize, or so it seems in post-post-modern education, that we are never going to achieve Graham status. And that we weren't meant to. We're part of a newer, unnamed movement in which many of us will contribute but few will be remembered. Not that this is about remembrance. Let's not even jump that far. What I mean to say, is sustained. Few of us are going to be sustained.  The repertory of the future will be choreographed by Anonymous and Dancers it feels like ... Where am I going with this? I'm not sure, this isn't much an inquiry on the state of things as it as a rambling ... I've wanted an arts company for as long as I can remember - just ask my siblings who were early victims of my art, pudding masterpieces, front lawn musicals and all -- but me and everyone and their mother wants that .... Maybe the playing field hasn't gotten bigger, I've just been spending too much time in it .... Anyway, it's pretty intimidating and inspiring to go to a show of a company (Pilobolus) that has a 4 or 5 week stint at the Joyce. Four weeks. I can't really conceive that and I wonder if it's because I'm told not to bother, those things don't happen anymore .... hmmm .... Success' definition seems to be ever-changing. 

Anyway, I'm actually quite optimistic and excited about my path ... the 9/11 festival deal is going to be a really beautiful opportunity. I should be working with some wonderful, committed dancers and putting together something that's been waiting a long time ... We're booked for the Merchant's Gate of Central Park (Columbus Circle) and Union Square. Not too shabby, methinks ...

In other news, I'm reading Ulysses sans any kind of aide/references. Just me and the Joyce. And I'm really enjoying it. Though I feel like I have a much more solid grip on it, the context, references (not to mention Latin and French) I'm finding that the same phrases and nuances of it are capturing me. Beautiful phrases like I am a stride at a time ... 

I have to get back to data-base-entry for Artichoke ... whose next piece by the way is going to be incredible ... it's good to be here, very good to be here.


Tags: summer 06
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