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and i will fake just one more smile

for you

(_.·sick of the pain·._)
27 September
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a GiRl SaiD 2 a BoY.
dO yOu tHiNk iM pReTtY..
aNd hE sAiD nO
sHe tHeN aSkEd HiM
iF hE wAnTeD hEr
AnD hE sAiD nOt.
aNd tHeN sHe AsKeD HiM
iF sHe WaLkEd aWaY
iF hE wOuLd CrY
aNd He aLsO sAiD nO.
sHe HaD hEaRd EnUfF
aNd As sHe WaS wAlKiNg AwAy
hE gRaBbEd HeR aRm
AnD tOlD hEr To StAy
hE tOlD hEr.
i DoNt tHiNk uR pReTtY
i ThInK yOuR bEaUtIfUl
i dOnT wAnT u
i NeEd u
aNd iF u WaLkEd AwAy
i WoUlDnT cRy
iD diE
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