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Cardcaptor Sakura (1-4)

These are the first four volumes of Cardcaptor Sakura. They're used, but in great condition. The covers are a bit worn on some of the edges, and the fourth volume's cover is bent on the inside. Each book features a color illustration at the end.

Price: $3 each or $10 for the set (plus shipping).

Wish vol. 1

Wish is another cute story from CLAMP. The first volume is available. The cover is a bit worn on the edges and the first and last pages are a bit dirty but it is still in great condition. This is one of the thicker mangas that I have.

Price: $5 (not including shipping).

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (1-8, 14, 16, 18)

Volumes 5 and 8 are left. In "good" condition.
Price: $2 each (not including shipping).

Sailor V vol. 1 and Merry Go Round vol. 1

The first volume of Merry Go Round is available. I received Merry Go Round as a gift and I don't think I ever even opened it. It is in excellent condition.

Price: $2 (not including shipping). (SAILOR V SOLD)

Hinata 120% vol. 1

Again, I know nothing about the story of this manga. The art is really pretty and the book is in excellent condition.

Price: $2 (not including shipping).

Bokura ga Ita vol. 1

Sorry this picture is blurry, if you would like a clearer one let me know. I bought this in the summer of 2006 when I was in Japan. It's a cute story :). The book is in like-new condition.

Price: $3 (not including shipping).

Phone Book Mangas

I have 11 phone book mangas and 1 pocket Nakayoshi here, all ranging from 2001-2003 and 2006. Nakayoshi, Ribon, Friend,  and Weekly Magazine (the one with BoA on it) are included. The one with BoA on it are shonen mangas but I got it from someone because my favorite singer BoA was on it. All of them are in good to like-new condition. Some of the spines are bent but no books are falling apart.

Price: $2 each (Pocket one is $1) or $20 for everything (not including shipping).
English Manga

Mars (1-2) and Chobits (1)

These are all by Tokyopop. Mars is read from left to right while Chobits is from right to left. All are in great condition but have wear on the covers and the corners of the spines.

Price: $8 each (shipping not included).

Mega Tokyo vol. 1

This book is in great condition but the jacket doesn't seem to quite fit the actual book. The jacket and the cover are both a bit worn along the edges and the front by the "oky" of Tokyo is dirty.

Price: $5 (not including shipping).

Misc. Manga (Sailormoon, Ah! My Goddess, Coloring Books)

The two Sailormoon books and Ah My Goddess one are single issues of the English mangas. The Sailormoon one with Mars and Mercury on it is in good condition on the inside but the cover is extremely worn. All of the have a slight bend in the bottom corner. The Tenchi Muyo and Kirby books are coloring books. The Kirby one has some Japanese on some of the pages and the Tenchi one looks like character sketches.

Single-Issue Manga Price: ?
Coloring Books: $2 each.
(prices do not include shipping)

Promotional Goods

A friend of mine when to some kind of book convention and brought these things back for me. All of them are in new condition. They have tastes of several manga volumes, including (from TokyoPop) Blade of Heaven, Peach Fuzz, PhD, Planet Blood, Soul to Seoul, The Tarot Cafe, Warcraft, Alichino, DearS, Gundam Seed Astray R, Hyper Police, Liling-Po, and Qwan. (from CMX) Sword of the Dark Ones, Monster Collection, Madara and Testarotho. (from CPM) Hard Boiled Angel, Couple, Nambul: War Stories, Yongbi the Invincible, Full House, Armageddon, Mytholody of the Heavens. (from Viz) Hana-Kimi, Please Save my Earth, Angel Sanctuary, Banana Fish, Alice 19th, Hot Gimmick, BB Explosion, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Rahxephon. (from Shoujo Beat) Nana, Godchild, Crimson, Hero, Baby & Me and Kaze Hikaru. These are great resources for people trying to get into mangas they may not have already read and want to get a taste for. A CPM Press DVD Sampler of graphic novel trailers (not pictured) is included in the purchase of the CPM book).

Price: $2 each or $8 for all (shipping not included).
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