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Kawaii Stuff

Assorted Charms: Ocha-ken cell phone strap with tiny post-its inside the box, a plush little blue bear, an anime girl in a foamy piano, and a robot inside a Pepsi bottle! What more can you ask for? Price: $2 each (not including shipping)

Post Pet Bag: This bag has never been removed from the plastic. Large enough to fit standard-size letters. Nice embroidery, but the letters say "Post Pat" instead of "Post Pet." Not an official product. Price: $4 (not including shipping).

Tare Panda: Tare Goyomi:
Really cute picture book of Tare Panda through the seasons. In Japanese. Over 35 pages. The pages are like new but the edges of the cover are worn. Price: $5 (not including shipping).

Hello Kitty Coin Purse:
Fits a lot of change! Price: $1.50 (not including shipping)

Hello Kitty Whiteboard:
Pen not included. Has remnants of some sticky foam stuff on the side. Price: $5 (not including shipping)

Tarepanda and Mamegoma figures: Each about 2" tall. Mamegoma bobbles. Price: $3 each (not including shipping)

Cinamoroll Beanies: All of them are soft and very cute. Price: $5 each (not including shipping).

Tare Panda in Tube: Large plush, about 10" high. Price: $12 (not including shipping)

Hello Kitty Frame: Felt material. Fits a wallet-sized photo in it. Price: $5 (not including shipping)

Tare Panda Plush: Very cute. Price: $10 (not including shipping)

Angel Hello Kitty: The flower on her head: the middle part's color is bleeding onto the blue petals. Price: $7 (not including shipping)

Tin: I use it to hold pens. In very good condition. Price: $7 (not including shipping)

Soap Topper: A cute decoration. $2 (not including shipping)

Party Hello Kitty: The puppy in the box is actually a cell phone strap from somewhere else that I put in there. Price: $10 (not including shipping)

Kimono Hello Kitty: got from McDonald's. Price: $5 (not including shipping)

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