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plain and simply broken down [entries|friends|calendar]
you keep twisting the truth

so one last touch and then you'll go and we'll pretend that it meant something so much more but it was vile and it was cheap.
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mother fucks [04 Jan 2004|12:02pm]
new journal= alarmcall_.
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if you let em fuck you, there will be no foreplay [29 Dec 2003|02:06am]
if i hadnt assembled myself, id of fallen apart by now.Collapse )
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yow owow! [18 Dec 2003|05:55pm]
i made a livejournal community. all of you go join it, NOW!!

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HELP!!!! [05 Dec 2003|09:28pm]
if any of you have the following programs and are willing to send them to me through AIM i would love you to death.

-kazaa lite
-photoshop 7
-image ready
-paint shop pro7

i had to reboot my computer because all it ever did was freeze. i copied the programs onto the disks wrong anddd now i am without those programs. please please please please. do me a really big favor! im desperate! i really think that if i dont get these programs ill cry. -sigh- my AIM screen name is until autumn if you are willing to help me out.
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